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Wet and Pissy

Wet and Pissy

Review date: 26-Apr-2012 10:37. The combination of beautiful girls and something kinky never fails to work for us. How about peeing? Turns out some girls get really aroused showing off their slits letting out salty golden streams. At Wet and Pissy, lovely girls play and pee all day! The site bridges great-looking videos with great-looking girls and some really thrilling pee play. It’s also brand new, so hurry to see it!

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Wet and Pissy

Intro promises:
It feels great when somebody really gets you, right? It’s especially great when someone gets a subtle sexual thing you have. If a subtle sexual thing that you have is a thing for girls taking a sexy leak, we got good news for you right here, lad. Wet and Pissy is a super fresh site with lovely young girls getting all naughty and playful while relieving their long-time need to pee. Trust us, it’s really beautiful. But wait, you don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s have a closer look at the actual thing! Luckily, Wet and Pissy got a tour which seems to cover all the goodies the site has to offer. If you remember sites like Wet and Puffy and We Like to Suck, both of which we have reviewed for you right here, you’ll know the guys who launched Wet and Pissy. Thing is, they may not even have officially launched it yet as you are reading this, so among all the fans of sexy peeing, you can easily be the first to see this lovely material. Why is it lovely? Well, just check the tour. It seems to be a successful mixture of lovely young girls, some truly kinky pee play, and crystal clear videos with every detail perfectly visible. The preview should have totally got you in the mood already. We mean, it’s not some sleazy skanks, right! These cuties have a healthy interesting in peeing and most importantly, they know it turns you on!

Wet and Pissy is just as great on the inside as it is on the outside. The site has its design made in yellowish colors – well, haha, pretty logical. It’s a really great way to celebrate your interest in sexy peeing. The site turns this entire fetish thing into a fun, colorful, highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The videos are mostly around 15-20 minutes long, and they also have pictorials to match. Wet and Pissy is a softcore site which does get a bit artsy sometimes. The episodes are really well-produced, with hot young girls playing with their peeing pussies, fooling around with sexy underwear and sex toys. Oh, these sex toys, not just dildos, pussy pumps and more, too! These guys know their pussy thing. Their site, Wet and Puffy was a great product for puffy pussy fans, and they have brought the same admiration for a delicious pussy right in here. Oh by the way, you get bonus access to the other two sites with your membership at Wet and Pissy. Or, the other way round, Wet and Pissy is included with your subscription to any of the two other sites. The site is really a great mixture of beauty, pissing fetish and crystal clear videos. Every single drop of the golden juice will be visible as you’ll be playing back the hi-def footage here. What’s not to like, right?

Wet and Pissy is a softcore site which brings kinky pee play and artsy, high quality softcore content together. The girls are all different here, but they’re all young, sweet-looking, and pretty much obsessed with all sorts of pee play. You’ll see them soak the entire place in their salty juice as they will be toying their holes and squirting pee at the same time – and much more. This is the site you want to see if you’re tired of all the low key, unprofessional and unsatisfying pee-themed sites all around. Wet and Pissy is wet – and great!

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