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Wet Wild And Wasted

Wet Wild And Wasted

Review date: 16-Feb-2017 07:38. Okay; I believe the hype. Wet, Wild and Wasted is like Spring Break but in night clubs with totally wasted sluts participating in stripping on and off the stage, showing pussy, ass, and begging to be fucked. There are captured shower moments, teasing, and masturbation. They also do wet shirt contests and even some lesbo action. The welcome page has a few short flicks but plenty of stills with graphic pictures of life among the inebriated.

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Wet Wild And Wasted

Intro promises:
Inside take your choice of movies with these essentially young (18-21 year old) women slinging their ass and pussy for all to see. It's not hard to believe they are amateurs. A few are hot, most are not. The site is well-organized on Wet Wild and Wasted. The videos are in easy to surf galleries that lead to your choice of clips or pictures. Downloading to disk is an option. 14 clips is not unusual, and no seeing the whole thing at once; but they download fast enough. There are no advanced search features, and some of the options don't work even with Norton turned off. If there are pictures, I couldn't find them.

Wet Wild and Wasted takes place everywhere: not just drunken binges in clubs or on the street. We didn't see any fucking or cock sucking; but there were a few lesbo moves. The site is up to 56 scenes at the time of this writing; and we only viewed a portion of them to check the content. These dames are mostly good looking although a few appear a bit long-in-the-tooth and past their prime. It isn't a novel concept but the presentation probably is. There is a lot of it and worth watching if titillation and suggestion is your thing. I believe its more kinky than hardcore. Models are spread across the spectrum, on Wet Wild and Wasted. All colors, sizes, and ages. Some are hot or near hot; while others should stay away from cameras. Still, it is the content that is of interest. They all flaunt their bodies, some masturbate, all tease, and a few go lesbo. If there are pictures on Wet Wild and Wasted, I could not find them: and I searched! With 56 scenes and counting, there are plenty of flicks on Wet Wild and Wasted. They are mainly amateur in nature, but surprisingly good quality for many. View them in streaming or save to disk. Click on the picture and make your choice after it takes you from the gallery to the scene clip selection. No ability to view in the entirety, and we're talking 14 clips per. That's a lot of work; but they download fast and not as irksome as other sites we've visited. Given the nature of reality movies, it isn't really an original concept, although it probably is original site content. Wet Wild and Wasted offers members video on demand and live chat. Updates appear frequent.

Wet Wild and Wasted is a reality site boasting amateur video of drunk women stripping bare and begging to be fucked. We found the premise to be valid and even more inside the member's area with the occasional lesbo scenes, masturbation, wet shirts, and drunken parties. The library is growing. Navigation is relatively simple, and movies may be saved to disk: albeit in 14 clips. For those who fancy reality, drunken women and amateur video, this is the place to be.

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