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Whores in Public

Whores in Public

Review date: 14-Nov-2013 04:30. What, your girl won’t do it in public? She won’t let you even stick a finger in there while you’re at the park? Well, it pretty much means you need to see Whores in Public right now. These girls love the open air thing, everything you like so much happens out in the open here. Plus, there are tens and tens of sites in this network, all available for no extra cost. Sixty of them total!

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Whores in Public

Intro promises:
Oh, the great outdoors. Maybe winter is coming to wherever you are right now, but you still remember how awesome it is to just take whatever you’re doing outside – weather permitting, of course. Or maybe you are in a place where it’s warm right now. Good for you. Anyway, sex outdoors is something we all enjoy. Not only you’re boning a hot chick, you’re also doing it in an unusual, thrilling location, and you’re probably sending a bit of the good old fuck you message to people around. We mean it’s a cheeky thing to do, right? There may be people around you, but you don’t care. You just keep plowing her. Whores in Public is an all-new site that lets you experience the thrills of getting it on with a sexy bitch in a nice sunlight-filled location. Whores in Public has a tour that offers great preview opportunities and tells quite a bit about the site’s attitude. Cheeky, with some truly uncensored and straight in your face outdoor sex videos, this is the way we like it. Also, don’t miss the part where they tell you about the network Whores in Public belongs to. It’s called Extreme Movie Pass, and it is really extreme and all about movies. Now check it out, when you join Whores in Public, you’re not just getting access to its archive of exclusive, brand spanking new outdoor sex videos. There are like 60 other different sites waiting for you. Wow!

When the desire hits, you don’t really care where you are at the moment. Especially when you’re in Europe! That's right, most of the videos featured inside Whores in Public were filmed in the Old World. Apparently this is where you can get away with poking a hot wet pussy out in the open! The site offers a nice selection of exclusive episodes that have pictures and videos at the same time. Filmed gonzo style, with lots of outdoor detail and plenty of sex action which can be POV or not, the videos here at Whores in Public are always great. Don’t think it’s just a summer thing. Sometimes they do it when there’s snow around! Whores in Public has movies that all feel authentic and feature plenty of unscripted outdoor boning that is really on the verge of illegal. Sometimes you feel they're about to get busted. How about doing it on a boat in the middle of the river in broad daylight? Or in the park with old ladies walking their dogs? Whores in Public recreates the thrill of doing it in public beautifully. Of course, you can download whatever they got, and the member area allows for easy access to the videos inside other sites. This Extreme Movie Pass network is not a bad thing at all. Other networks may have filler content and cookie cutter sites, but these guys cover very specific topics with their exclusive sites, and do it marvelously.

Whores in Public lets you explore the joys of outdoor boning whether it’s warm outside or not. You are about to see joyful next door girls just going right at it without thinking what’s next. It’s a great vibe right here, and Whores in Public has some really neat high definition video material for you to download. The Extreme Movie Pass network that it belongs to offers tons of goodies, and we can’t really think of anything that could prevent you from getting an account with Whores in Public right here and right now. Do it!

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