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Wild Match

Wild Match

Review date: 22-Nov-2017 05:17. While other websites try to lure you inside by advertising millions of members, Wild Match keeps it simple and real. There are a couple of hundred thousand members who get verified, to make sure you get the real deal. If you're looking for a random sex encounter with no strings attached, join Wild Match and start your search today.

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Wild Match

Intro promises:
Wild Match is an international site, so wherever you're from, there is a chance that you'll find some horny hotties in the city you live in. You can choose from people of all ages and sexual preferences, from hot chat to actual live encounters, one on one sex and threesomes, so give it a try today. Not many adult dating websites have this feature, and it's basically the best thing you can get when it comes to finding a sex partner online. If you spent some time looking to get laid on the web, i bet you've joined a couple of free dating sites so far. I also bet you quickly realized that instead of millions of sexy members you got millions of false profiles with low chances of actually meeting anyone real. Wild Match makes sure this doesn't happen here, so members go through the ID verification process. Every profile you see with a 'verified' stamp on it got approved after the user sent their scanned ID, so his identity was verified. This way you're guaranteed to interact with real people and get the best results. There is a special software developed to make sure you pick people who suit you best. Yes, it's mostly about sex, but you wouldn't want to share your bed with someone you find annoying, wouldn't you? Compatibility testing software takes all the info from your profile and compares it to the member you've clicked on, and lists all the things you match and don't match in. By taking a quick look at this chart, you can easily see all the differences you have in your lifestyle, so it doesn't take long to decide whether to pursue this thing or not. A great time saver!

Sooner or later you'll run into an annoying member who insists on messaging and bothering you even though you're not interested. With the block option, you can get rid of all the boring people and stalkers with just one click. This makes your search pleasant and psycho-free. You can rate other people's pictures and vote for the best ones that will appear on the site's main page top list. The same goes for you, so make sure you choose your most sexy pictures to get the best rating. If you make it to the top, the girls will start messaging you like crazy! You can chat with other members at any time of day or night, because there is constantly over a couple of dozen people available for chat. Whether you just want a quick hot night chat or you're looking for meeting someone in the real life, this is a great way to meet new members or to live out your fantasies with someone. If you have some naughty pictures that you want to keep private, no problem. You can choose from public and private galleries, so you can save the hottest stuff for selected members only. Once you meet a hottie, make sure you get her to grant you access to her dirty private gallery. With the great benefits of having real, ID verified members, comes a disadvantage - no free membership. In order to keep fake profile makers at bay, Wild Match doesn't allow free memberships. It's a great way to have only people who are serious about this thing, but a big downside is that you can't take a look around the site before you pay for it. The membership fees are a bit expensive, but if you want a real thing, you have to pay some extra, and that's OK.

Wild Match is the best place you can go looking for a sex partner if you want a guarantee that the people you meet will be real and you won't have to deal with fake profiles and people advertising all sorts of stuff. If you are serious about finding someone to have sex with, don't waste your time with free sites and join Wild Match to get some real action, at last. When upgrading your profile, there aren't currently any discounts or special offers, but it's worth every cent. My suggestion is to go with the 12 month plan that will get you each month of membership for roughly $10, which is a pretty affordable price for the things you'll be getting on this amazing website.

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