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Wives on Vacation

Wives on Vacation

Review date: 15-Dec-2014 10:37. Old hubby is at home while wifey is on vacation – with her best friend, another bored wife. Do you smell trouble already? Wives on Vacation is the newest site by the renowned Naughty America network. It gloriously joins the 40+ site family, offering fresh spicy content with a truly amazing level of quality. Over 6 thousand videos, newer ones come in 4K resolution. A can’t miss thing!

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Wives on Vacation

Intro promises:
Adultery? Doesn’t this word always sound to you like something too stern, like it’s from the Middle Ages or something? Like, come on, everybody does that. Especially guys. Or women do it as well? Check out Wives on Vacation here and find out! This site is dedicated to horny cheating MILFs who go on vacation in pairs and just let themselves loose in every way imaginable. Towel boys, lifeguards, bartenders, these married sluts are down for pretty much anything. They do feel guilty about the whole thing though, and this only makes them hotter. It also makes the fucking more intense and fueled with insane amounts of adrenaline. When the cat is away, the mice will play, and they will play rough. Wives on Vacation is the newest site by Naughty America, one of our favorite porn site networks ever. Seriously, the amount of work they put into entertaining you and keeping you hard (not for long though, you bust a nut pretty fast with this stuff) is truly insane. Just take a peek at the tour here. The free area is Wives on Vacation is so busy with all sorts of things, the video trailer, the many sample episodes, site features, network information, model names, payment options extras… So much is crammed into such small space, and it’s done very professionally. Have you heard they use this 4K ultra HD video thing these days? That’s right, Naughty America is not just about prime grade American porn, it’s also about innovation. We told you, we just love this thing.

When you enter Wives on Vacation (which also means you enter this universe of top notch smut known as Naughty America), you feel like a kid entering a candy store. A candy store where he can have anything he wants. Wives on Vacation is just packed with all sorts of goodies and exciting finds. The interface is really well put together, with all sorts of options, details, and features. Pornstars, latest updates, tags, plentiful download and streaming options – Naughty America never messes around. Wives on Vacation recreates all sorts of different situations centered around bored MILFish wives, mostly acting in pairs, and random younger men they meet at resorts, parties, beaches, in clubs, and so on. You should see it, the women are pretty much desperate to get boned by a stranger. They literally grab the guys by their arms and take them somewhere quieter. Or don’t take them anywhere and jump their bones right there and then. And these babes, you should see how tight these bodies are. Letting them go on that vacation alone, that was their husband’s stupidest idea ever. Your smartest idea, however, would be joining Naughty America and Wives on Vacation right now. These 4K ultra HD videos are something that is new to porn just yet. Join the quality revolution and enjoy multiple weekly updates across the tens of sites that Naughty America has. A must see!

Wives on Vacation is a high grade new site that shows what happens when hot ass wives go on vacation without their boring husbands. The site combines 4K ultra HD quality and that reality vibe just perfectly. Naughty America, you did it once again. Don’t miss out on all these beautiful cheating women committing the hottest possible types of adultery in all sorts of fun locations. Mobile friendly, with 40+ network sites, and multiple daily updates, Wives on Vacation and Naughty America are the future of porn, available for a very low membership fee today.

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