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World Wide Wives

World Wide Wives

Review date: 30-Oct-2017 13:20. When digital cameras got popular the world of porn changed forever. Suddenly it was a breeze to take nude pictures of your wife or girlfriend and post them online. Before you had to send them off for development and worry about someone stealing them or something else happening.

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World Wide Wives

Intro promises:
The whole thing has become a lot simpler nowadays and a great many sites have popped up to take these submissions that people want to share. World Wide Wives is one of those sites and they have a stunning collection of content for your pleasure. You can hit up the free tour and check out samples from the most recent additions. Mostly they let the softcore stuff out so you can see the babes sharing their titties and their sexy pussies. These are real wives and girlfriends and you can rest assured that the husbands love knowing that their ladies are online showing off their amazing bodies. If you join you get access to the hot hardcore stuff and the naughty videos. There’s plenty of good stuff to see.

They don’t change anything in the member’s area other than the access levels you have so it looks and works exactly the same. They have the last 30 days or so of content listed on the main freeview page and they lack any kind of preview pictures for them. It’s just a bunch of text links and it’s frustrating. You have to click each one to know what you’re looking at and there are a lot of ugly chicks submitted to the site so it creates a lot of unnecessary clicking and browsing until you find the hot chick you’re looking for. There’s no way to search the content either. The hardcore pictures are organized in the same manner but with fewer submissions taken every day. The site is obviously huge with an enormous number of people adding content every day. They take a set amount and presumably the good stuff is kept and the bad stuff is tossed aside. The site is really cheap too so while it’s annoying that they don’t have a better design it can be forgiven because you’re not paying a full price of the membership. Browsing the videos is pretty damn easy. You select the month you want to see and they have a series of little preview pictures that you look though. When you find one that looks hot – they have titles for each to help with that – you click it and it starts streaming immediately. You can also download a WMV file if you want a hard copy of the movie. The movies are the best reason to join the site. This is true amateur porn and there’s a pretty even split between hardcore and softcore so you get everything you could possibly want. There are lots of really hot chicks too. World Wide Wives is also a sex search site. It’s not nearly as large as some of the other adult dating sites out there so it’s obviously not all that useful but the people that sign up are generally people that are willing to put pictures of themselves online so you can rest assured they’re serious about it. You’re also going to find lots and lots of couples. If you’re a couple looking to swing it’s a perfect destination. If you want to hook up with a couple you can also find someone willing to entertain your desires. The profile search also allows you to narrow down the girls you’re looking for because you can choose hair color, race and sexual orientation.

World Wide Wives holds more than 3.9 million pictures and 59,000 homemade videos starring all kinds of hot and super naughty wives. These girls are happy to perform dirty deeds on camera and when you consider the site costs 10 Euros a month it’s a damn good deal. You’re not going to find amateur porn for that cheap. They let you have unlimited downloads so you could theoretically build a huge collection of amateur porn in just a few days. The lack of a useful search function is frustrating but it’s a product of them merely taking submissions and not organizing them in any real way. I can’t blame them for that though. Because the price is so good this is a worthwhile site. It’s also a good place to find couples to swing with if you’re interested.

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