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Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Review date: 6-Aug-2012 03:16. What would you say if an adult site said it was ‘the future of porn’? Well, you would at least get curious enough to check the entire thing out, right? Wow Girls does claim that, and with our help you’ll see the insides (well, almost) of this young and very ambitious hotspot. Get ready for some softcore, lesbian and hardcore action in really unprecedented quality, plus jaw-dropping models, and a lot more!

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Wow Girls

Intro promises:
You know, we’ve seen our share of porn. After all, this is the job we do here for you, check out some smut and tell you if it’s good or not. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. But it’s quite rare that it is something really standing out, you know? With all that having been said, we’re really excited to present our today’s site to you. The name is Wow Girls and this site is just different from beginning to end. Different in an enjoyable way, of course. The story here is that this is the site you’re supposed to go to when you’re bored with the skanky-looking models and crappy, plastic-feeling videos with neither inspiration nor quality. Wow Girls specializes in young girls who all look like centerfold models, indulging in things hot and pleasurable while being filmed in a really creative and high grade way. The site is pretty bold and ambitions about what it does. The very detailed tour area has all sorts of nooks and crannies where just about every feature (of which there are many) of Wow Girls is advertised. The very advanced member area, the classy production of the videos, the jaw-dropping girls, every single gem the site got in its treasury gets enough light thrown on it. You can actually get lost here, but don’t, we gotta get in and see this thing with our own eyes!

Didn’t the tour look absolutely killer to you? We can’t stop saying that, seriously. Wow Girls is a smooth, seamless experience from the tour all the way into the site’s member area. And oh, that member area! Not only it’s filled with tens and tens of premium-looking 1080p HD videos in a wide range of formats. It also lets you enjoy the site like no other site can offer you, with non-stop content streaming, favorites, your personal customizable bar, a terrific choice of formats, resolutions and ways to watch and download… Again, words are pretty damn weak here, just see how classy Wow Girls looks and what features it offers. Many of these we quite seriously have never seen inside any other site – not just an adult site, any site at all! All of these awesomeness is in fact a beautiful wrapping for a beautiful product. The content Wow Girls offers is mostly hardcore, with a dash of softcore and lesbian action here and there. Filmed in jaw-droppingly beautiful locations, and filmed with tons of creativity and taste, these videos are as eye candy as adult content can possibly be. With dozens of smoking hot European babes mostly aged 18 to 20 years, the content catalog is an endless experience of naturally hot sex which grips and holds you for hours. It’s something you can relate to, without the usual porn fakeness – but beautiful like your most beautiful dream!

Wow Girls claims it makes 98% of its visitors go wow. Well, in that case, being part of the majority has never felt this good and this right. Wow Girls does redefine porn experience for its members. You really feel spoiled and pampered inside this super high tech (and also pretty glamorous) member area which offers easy access to super high resolution videos. The videos feature supermodel-like young girls enjoying sex like you have never seen them. Wow Girls, you’re gonna remember this name!

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