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WTF Pass

WTF Pass

Review date: 9-Oct-2011 19:02. What do reality porn, hot Russian chicks and a choice of kickass amateur porn sites have in common? You may not know it as this point, but something they have in common is WTF Pass! This one-pass network offers unified access to as many as 7 sites and counting, with hundreds of very special scenes with a very special feel – and plenty of hot reality porn, too!

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WTF Pass

Intro promises:
Now don’t you love all these package deals and network sites? They sure claim to offer a lot of value, but thing is, you gotta watch out. Just like with anything else on the market these days, we guess. You don’t wanna end up with a package deal for crap, right? And yet there are so many adult sites out there which trick you into thinking you’re getting a lot while in fact you are getting a lot of crap. Our job here is to spot and evaluate sites which are not like that, and so, say hello to WTF Pass here. This is your traditional one pass, multiple sites deal. Then what’s special about it, you may ask? The sites in this package deal totally rock, that’s what. We have reviewed most of them here already, and if we haven’t yet, we’ll be done with them in the next few days. WTF Pass is an umbrella brand uniting sites which are similar and different at the same time. Check out our reviews for Public Sex Adventures, or Porn Weekends, or Dolls Porn, for instance. These are all sites published by the same company and now you can enter the entire catalog of updates for all 7 of them from WTF Pass. Our advice would be that you give individual sites a bit of browsing before you aim for the free tour at WTF Pass. Just to drink in the atmosphere of it all, you know!

The atmosphere totally deserves to be enjoyed in full. The special thing about all of these sites is that they all have a definite reality porn element to them while bringing together hot amateur performers and often dealing with doing naughty stuff in public. Sometimes the sites which are more on the reality side have really long videos, around an hour or maybe even more. The figures here are very impressive. It is about the figures if we are aiming for a package deal, right? So, there are over 350 different girls starring in over a thousand different scenes here. Mind you, some sites are about guys and girls doing stuff in big groups, so a single episode may have a whole bunch of Russian and Eastern European hotties in it. The member area here is rich with all sorts of features like comments, ratings, sorting, tags, top girls and more. With so many scenes to see, you gotta have some helpful navigation, right? But apart from all the bells and whistles, we do enjoy all the content the network publishes. Most of the sites are about self-made, very real sex films which are often shot by the people involved themselves. From picking up random girls in the streets to having wild sex parties in public, there’s always a thrill of public exposure combined with the joy of watching a fuck flick filmed by real people, not by some guy on a payroll. And when you have 7 sites to see, well, it’s just too much fun!

WTF Pass is a great one pass, many sites network which brings together some of the finest modern amateur slash reality slash European sites. The films often last longer than 1 hour and many of them are shot on some random location by real people who get the kicks out of making porn themselves. So, it’s not professional but it’s packing a lot of heat and some of the prettiest Eastern European and Russian girls you could see in porn today. For such a low cost, you get access to as many as 7 sites with over a thousand videos in HD to see. In our vision, it’s totally worth it.

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