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X Angels

X Angels

Review date: 9-Jul-2013 05:40. Some things in the world may change, but young Russian girls are still the hottest kind of pussy you can get. Satisfy your need for more Russian teen porn in better quality with X Angels. This place is brand new, it is loaded with HD episodes, and it takes you on a ride through a massive load of bonus content spanning over thousands of videos total. What’s not to like? Read more!

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X Angels

Intro promises:
The world never stands still and a lot of things that were doing ok yesterday are not exactly in today. Some things stay, though. Like this thing with Russian teen girls and porn. We have a solid feeling no teen porn is hotter than some with these Rusky sluts in it. Young sluts, too. There may be a lot of different factors here, but let’s face it. The girls look very fresh, very innocent, a bit exotic – and they are so into whatever naughty stuff you want them to do. So, X Angels is yet another site worshippers of the Russian teen pussy simply can’t miss out on. After all, today’s adult content is all about HD and good user experience and what not. Looks like X Angels can deliver all of these. In fact, the site is the newest addition to the family of all these other Russian teen porn sites. It is sort of hard to believe it, but there are over 40 sites in there right now. That translates to over 5 terabytes of content. Terabytes, not gigabytes – that’s a shitload, yeah. X Angels has a tour that contains a lot of sample pictures and a few site’s features showcased. No actual video trailer for now, but hey, check this out, the videos actually look as good as the preview thumbnails. Did we mention the super smooth and ultra hot Russian teen sluts boned from every angle imaginable? Well, they’re there!

X Angels may not be a revolution in adult entertainment, but it’s still a very solid site with dozens of fresh models and hours of original HD video. This entire network these people maintain is built with good-looking in-house content only. They have almost a thousand different models. These young babes do look like they’re 18-20 years old or so. They are also very beautiful, with a touch of innocence to them. All these skanky tattooed pierced abused American teen girls? Forget about them. X Angels has a gorgeous new Russian teenie in each new video. Hell, we almost planned our trip to the country! The videos come in a bunch of formats. Flash is for streaming while WMV, MP4, and even MKV are for saving that delicious piece to your system. X Angels is a modern site, so you get complete mobile compatibility and fast, no-hassle downloads. The pictures may feel a bit secondary here as long as the movies are emphasized all around. But they still look great. Each episode is a guy on girl sex sequence, filmed with a bit of glamour to it, but not too much. That rawness and natural feel you appreciate so much in porn with Russian and Eastern European performers, it’s still here. These babes have no idea what porn is, hell, it’s even illegal down there. So you can imagine the thrill, and this thrill makes them cum like crazy! Well, consequently, you too, just give X Angels a try.

X Angels is a site raising the quality standard bar for all the teen porn sites out there. Russian and Eastern European teen porn sites in particular. The site successfully joins the 40+ site network with 5,000+ gigs of original in-house content. X Angels is all about lovely girls well-filmed in HD quality, enjoying thick bareback cock like they usually do. The videos are full of untouched Russian teen beauty and preserve the vibe very carefully. In the right spot between polished and raw, these flicks will drive you insane, see for yourself!

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