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X Lesbians

X Lesbians

Review date: 15-Oct-2017 06:09. My biggest complaint with this site is the fact that is not strictly lesbian. Big surprise, right? There is simply way too much cock for me to comfortably agree that X Lesbians is the site it claims to be. I saw a great deal of masturbation, but not enough clam-eating. I wanted to see the girls work it. Dive for the shellfish, girl! Yet as hot as many of the women are, I found myself increasingly disappointed as I explored the links.

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X Lesbians

Intro promises:
Initially, I got my hopes up. The picture galleries are wonderful. Most of the women are attractive and some of them even looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely. Rubbing my hands together in glee, I suspected that I may have found some real pussy-lovin’ women. How exciting!

Sadly, much of what is offered is precisely what you find on other sites. The ‘extras’ are links to those very products spammed into your email inbox every day. Tongue For Twats had nothing to do with tongue on twats. Lesbo-Matic, a game I had entirely too much fun with, can be found on another lesbian site featured in our beloved SexHerald reviews. Lipstick Lesbians had made an appearance on that very same site. The Dildo Cam was way too much like the Butt Cam, featured in yet another review (and about as interesting.) The many games are only amusing if you don't have a life, are seriously into Space Invaders, and don’t mind the fact that most of them have nothing to do with lesbians in any way, shape or form. I have to take a moment to warn Macintosh users. They will undoubtedly encounter serious problems with media compatibility. Don't bother with this site if you own a Mac, because it won’t work. As for Windows, much of the site relies on video streaming. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but in general this means that the movies are very short. You get a lot of women playing with themselves in the videos, although not much lesbian action per se. The chats are nice when the links work, but they mostly require extra purchase and registration to see any titty, much less the good stuff. No live lesbian couples are anywhere in the chat or video feeds, which is one of the things the site promises but never delivers. Now that I think of it, the women I managed to chat with had little to no interest in women at all, despite all of the promotions. I know because I asked them.

Was I expecting too much? I don’t think so. Any site that proclaims itself to be the #1 lesbian site on the web ought to be chock full of…well, lesbians. Licking, fingering, kissing, rubbing, sucking, moaning LESBIANS. Honestly, is it really so difficult to get that one simple thing?

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