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Review date: 3-Nov-2017 07:09. With race relations being as hot a hot-button issue as you're going to find during this hotly contested campaign season, it's a nice reprieve from venom-spewing stump speeches, to see both the gloves and the clothes come off, and black and white folks getting together to get their fuck on.

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Intro promises:
Xcrib pulls no political punches, as it simply sets out to unite black dudes' beefy dongs, with the comparatively elfin boxes of predominately blonde, white 'bitches,' in a straightforward selection of hardcore scenes. Starring a stable of 30+ girls, including such (usually jizz-slathered) familiar faces as Mia Bang, Haley Scott, Jasmine Tame and Cytherea, members are offered the option of viewing the action as entire downloadable scenes, or as one of three clips. Download times are fairly quick, taking only a few toe-tapping, zipper-tugging minutes to finish, but once done, you'll find that these enthusiastic gals are more than anxious to get their hands and mouths around wieners, that in most cases are almost as big as they are. Like trying to drive an eighteen-wheeler into an alleyway, these big-dicked brothas slam their salamis into any stretchable spaces they can reach, as the girls' screams and yelps of discomfort and pleasure become indistinguishable, and serve as soundtracks to each sweaty session.

The sexploits here are as hard and frenzied as you're likely come across on a hardcore hetero site that doesn't move into humiliation-themed'territory. The horny guys here simply take a lot of pleasure in testing the mettle and tightness of white girls, who at the same time, appear to really get off on'seeing just how much dark man-meat than can take, in a possible attempt to top their personal bests and outdo each other. At least that's what I was able to come up with after casually looking through a majority of this collection and not analyzing it in an overly psychological sense.'

From posing in their panties to pulling trains to having their pooties pounded into submission, 'high quality' (which translates here as slightly blurry) screencaps of each 'ho' are available to add to your collection of the aching vaginaed. Links to bonus sister sites XGape and XLez are also complimentary to paying members. In an emptied nutsack, Xcrib is an acceptable example of one of the many interracial-themed sites that rely on the gimmick of well-endowed black dudes having rough sex with petite, elastic white women who obviously'enjoy a good'challenge and swollen snatch.''

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