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Xotic Teens

Xotic Teens

Review date: 22-Oct-2017 05:54. It’s not often that stone raves are merited, but XoticTeens ranks among the better “teen” sex sites anyone who loves collegiate-aged women could hope for. There are so many videos here - downloadable or viewable in a variety of quality formats - that it’s hard not to give this production a solid thumbs up. Other body parts will also be up when you log on, but that’s another story.

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Xotic Teens

Intro promises:
The tag line for this site is “DVD quality movies for broadband users,” and it’s truth in advertising all the way. Clips are available for all computer speeds, but for those with broadband or other fast connections, this site is simply stupendous. High quality clip after clip of no-nonsense, get-right-to-it fucking, sucking, anal, solo scenes, girl on girl ... it’s a dizzying array of raw sex, and all if it featuring nubile, fresh, sexy young women.

Thankfully, there are tons of clips here of women who have gone on to be major porn stars, but in early, wonderfully nasty appearances. You’ll see the always adorable Taylor Rain, doing anything and everything to get her man off; Jenna Haze, who is quickly becoming one of the top names in the industry thanks to her petite figure and just-over-18 looks; redhead Eva Moore, sucking huge erections down her throat with the enthusiasm of a lottery winner; and so much more. It must be said that this site’s video section far outshines its photo galleries. Most of the pics are still shots taken directly from the videos. However, the videos are the advertised feature of this site and make it the outrageously erotic time that it is, so it’s a minor quibble. There are even links to cumshot, amateur, and gang bang areas, but it’s the quality of the younger performers here that makes this such a worthy choice. Take perfect-bodied, sultry, dirty blonde Kenzi Kenner, for instance. In her incredible performance on her video scene, she takes on a bald, large cocked but homely stud who continually craves to hear him call him “daddy.” She looks at him with earnest, soulful eyes and complies, and proceeds to suck his cock for several minutes in a variety of positions. She then fucks him silly, smiling, moaning and gasping even though he continually keeps up all the ridiculous, self-absorbed “daddy” talk. She doesn’t care - she just wants to cum. She takes his hot, milky load into her sexy, willing mouth at the end of this torrid 10 minutes of teen trysting. She’s hot, young, and wanton, and it’s only one of hundreds of similar scenes offered here.

XoticTeens, at its posted prices, is a real bargain and it delivers big time. If you’re a fan of wild, college-type women, dig in and savor this one.

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