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Xxxtreme Twinks

Xxxtreme Twinks

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 06:46. No, the 'extreme' trend has not died out. Yes, it's crossed over into the adult industry. But, to be fair, every once in a while we get something good enough that the clich' is acceptable. Yeah, this is one of those times. Xxxtreme Twinks is a simple enough concept. Take young guys, mix in about every fetish you can think of, stir, sit back and enjoy. Simple enough, but it stands out in an industry where young usually equals vanilla.

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Xxxtreme Twinks

Intro promises:
Or, if there is a fetish thrown in, the videos are dedicated to one particular thing, getting repetitive real fast for anyone but the hardcore fans. You don't usually get videos with water sports, bondage and toys thrown in together. And that's just a solo scene. Hardcore scenes? Instead of 10 minutes of a single blowjob, followed by 20 minutes of a close-up of fucking, we get nonstop, ever-changing action. Sorry: HOT, ever-changing action. Even without exploring the kinkier side of sex, these boys would probably do just fine. Set them loose on each other and they're more than capable of carrying the show all themselves. These twinks don't have many inhibitions. And they love what they're doing. You don't see a soft dick throughout. Three cumshots in a single scene? Holy hell. Even the solos keep your attention as the boys move from one thing to the next.

Each scene is nicely tagged with the particular fetishes in the video. Some are more 'extreme' than others. Some aren't even fetishes, really. But on a site that mixes and matches half a dozen acts in a single scene, it's damn useful to have. So far, there are only a little over 20 videos and picture sets, but they're being updated rapidly and have only been around for a couple months. Each scene has its own story, video and pictures. So instead of a short description, they offer an extended xxx story for each scene. Which would be a whole lot cooler if English was the first language of the writers. But since the boys are speaking Spanish, I'd guess that would be site designer's language too. Which is fine, but the site's offered solely in English, and the stories end up pretty stilted and unsexy. Then there are the videos. You can view them in parts in Windows Media, but as a whole scene you can only stream them in what is, a lot of times, inferior flash quality.

Overall, the sex is phenomenal. The site itself'slightly less so. It's still a young site, though, so they've got room to grow. Extreme sports are popular because of the excitement and action: this site delivers the same. Clich' or not, this 'extreme' porn site might actually live up to the title. At the very least, it should be enough to hold the fractured attention span of Gen X and Y.

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