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Review date: 7-May-2017 06:35. Un-fucking-believable that they managed to get this domain name. You've got to figure "Yanks" is really in demand. It's short and snappy and it could mean just about anything. We were really pleased to see that the reviewer over at Self Lover's World mentioned the cheesy Richard Gere movie of the same name. That was the first thing we thought of too. And yet how many people saw that movie? 20?

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Intro promises:
Anyway, the point is the word "Yanks" could refer to Americans, or it could have something to do with masturbating. Sort of like "jerking off." But different. You know, to be perfectly honest, it isn't a name that has a lot to do with sex. Or porn. And this site doesn't have much to do with jerking off, except for the fact that jerking off is the point of most porn. Instead it's a "celebration" of female masturbation. And there isn't much yanking involved when women masturbate. So to make it look like the name means something they've got a logo that looks like a patriotic Pepsi swirl and a model on the main page wrapped in the old red-white-and-blue. Kind of silly really. Especially when the girls have hometowns like Cartagena and the Czech Republic (which isn't a town).

Holy fuck is this review every getting sidetracked! Here's what we're trying to say: This is a real catchy name for a site, but it doesn't really mean anything and it probably results in these guys getting a shitload of accidental traffic from people who are looking for info on that Richard Gere movie, or at least something other than chicks tossing themselves off. Anyhow, moving right along, this site (which originally went by the full name Yanks Alternative Nation) is the brainchild of Todd and Billie (a man and a woman), two bartenders from Southern California. Their goal is to bring "the best, most authentic female masturbation material on the Internet": "Celebrating women celebrating themselves." They also run a bunch of other masturbation-related sites on the Net (for an extra $10 you get access to all of them), including solonation (a "masturbation community"), clubstroke (male masturbation paysite), and masturbationpage (a sort of masturbation info site). Obviously these people are really into masturbation. Of course, given their target audience most of what they say will be preaching to the choir, but there's nothing wrong with that. There were 71 "Yanks Girls" when we visited, each with a photoset (or several), video, and interviews. These interviews take two forms: a video interview as well as a four-page questionnaire or "masturbation biography" where the model talks a bit about when she first masturbated, how she does it, whether she likes girls (no, we're not sure what that has to do with anything), etc. This questionnaire is reproduced as a photo gallery (actual pictures of the filled-in pages), which was weird but worked. Don't know why, but getting to see the girl's handwriting actually meant something to us. Anyway, the intro to the questionnaire lays out the site philosophy. Todd and Billie are interested in "authenticity, not fake and overdone Penthouse forum stories." Get it? These are real girls, and they're not faking it! Did we buy it? Well, some of it. The interviews seemed quite authentic, though this also made some of them banal. And some of the masturbations looked pretty real. But Taylor St. Claire isn't exactly the girl next door either, and her video appeared to be more of a performance. Which is actually the way we like it. Nothing against authenticity, but we also like to see a bit of a show. Here's the breakdown: 97 videos, 5-15 minutes long, 550x410 and 327 kb/s playback (but looks better). They're adding a new one every week. 276 photosets, and they're adding a new one of these every three or four days. All photos are 600x800 (or 800x600 if you turn them on their side), which isn't that great. And the photography looks totally uninspired. As far as content goes, it's all interviews or solo girl masturbation and toy-play, with a few sets featuring two girls masturbating together (but not really lezzing out on each other). Set seems to be the same bedroom most of the time. Some bathroom stuff. There's a system for rating the girls, and it actually looks like people are being honest. The highest ranking was a 3.96 out of 5. And in our opinion that girl deserved better. The rest is bonus material, including a selection of stories and audio clips that are at least masturbation-related. The layout is very clean and easy to navigate. No search function, but you won't miss it.

This is a tough site to rate. There's a good archive of exclusive material and it's updating regularly. We also really liked the personal "hands-on" approach from Todd and Billie. And of course if you just want women masturbating, then they've got you covered. But it's also kind of limited too. A lot of the movies started to look the same to us. The technical quality isn't the best, especially for the pictures, and there's not much in the way of style when it comes to the filming or any other aspect of the presentation. Maybe it's because they don't want to seem intrusive or spoil the moment, but the camera just sort of sits there at a safe distance. That might make it more real and authentic, but as we've had occasion to point out elsewhere, that's not always a good thing. When it comes to porn, reality is starting to get really overrated and fantasy is underrated. After all, the girls aren't the only ones trying to masturbate here! Finally, despite doing a decent job of hitting its niche, we also thought the price was a bit much. For $30 a month you should expect a bit more.

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