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Young Hot Latinos

Young Hot Latinos

Review date: 6-Nov-2017 04:43. Young? Check. Mostly. Hot? Check. You'll probably find something you like no matter what. Latino? Check, check. Though they may be stretching the definition just a bit with some of the boys' Young Hot Latinos seems to fit the requirements for an accurately descriptive site name. Oh, and the Latin boys are hot, hot, hot'no, I will not use 'caliente' in some ridiculous effort to sound relevant.

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Young Hot Latinos

Intro promises:
One thing to note, though, is that the content isn't exclusive. It's been culled from a massive number of sources, whether from other websites, Latin studios and full-length films, which, on the downside, might mean you've seen a number of these before if you're truly a fan of the Latino genre. On the upside, though, such a variety of sources gives you a freakin' smorgasbord of guys, from darker-skinned Brazilians to lighter-skinned thug types to everything in between.

I just wish I'd paid better attention in Spanish class. Or knew any Portuguese. Something of a necessity as a number of clips are Brazilian. Not that you need to understand to know what's going on, but dirty talk's always fun (as opposed to the occasionally haphazardly translated dirty subtitles). All of which is almost as much fun as dirty action, which there's plenty of. The site doesn't have many frills, but it gets the job done. You can find your hot Latinos in any number of combinations from solo on up to group fun, toying with bondage, going vanilla, with condoms or without. There are plots, amateur, pure sex. Anything. An-y-thing. I've just got one sentence for you: Playing the game of Life to decide who tops and who bottoms. And here I just thought it was for family game night. They pull from such a large number of sources, you'll find what you want several times over, though that also means the video quality can be pretty haphazard. And it would be nice if some things were categorized instead of just being dumped in a big pot to sort through. Along that line, unfortunately, the site seems to be having some problems with sound on some of the clips. One video didn't have sound from the scene, but instead had the director's commentary over it. Interesting, in its way, to have the equivalent of a DVD extra' but ultimately not what a connoisseur of porn is probably looking for, especially when there's no warning. Then there was the video which had another sex track dubbed over top of it which is just plain annoying. It was only in two of the videos that happened to be checked, but with almost 200 clips available, there's probably a good chance it wasn't just bad luck that the only ones with problems were looked at.

The videos come in a number of sizes and are also offered split up into smaller Flash-sized bites for streaming viewing, or downloadable in parts and sometimes as a whole. And there are also nearly 300 galleries, in addition to the screen caps for each scene. Then too, you've got access to Wild Gay College Parties, He Likes it Big, His First Gay Experience, Twinks for Cash, Gay Blind Date XXX.' So there's plenty to occupy your time, even if there are a few glitches.

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