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Your Fetish Show

Your Fetish Show

Review date: 10-Mar-2016 11:06. Bondage, power play, extreme toys and restraints – and you can decide what happens next? Hell yeah. Your Fetish Show is a site which seems to successfully blend uncensored videos of girl on girl and guy on girl BDSM-flavored sex with a nice bit of interactivity. Submit a scenario, be the director of your very own fetish sex video made in exact accordance with your dreams. See now, this is so special!

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Your Fetish Show

Intro promises:
Looks like there’s a whole new thing going on in porn these days. Remember Kinky Frenchies, a site we reviewed just yesterday? Turns out porn producers (well, the smartest of them, anyway) have finally realized you cannot satisfy your customer without getting straightforward feedback – or direct participation. Your Fetish Show here is a brand new site which offers two great things: a selection of nice-looking, exclusive fetish sex videos, very diverse and engaging, plus an opportunity to submit your own scenario and decide how it will unfold. Thus you will be able to make your perfect fetish sex video and hell, maybe even show it to your buddies and lovers just to show off how special you are. Anyway, Your Fetish Show is a brand new, barely launched site which totally deserves your attention. Check the free tour, not only it’s loaded with content samples, it explains the site’s idea in a cheeky and loud way. We liked it! The site has this classic dark, gothic-ish design which really puts you into the right mood. Judging by the content samples, these guys do have a bit of imagination. The preview episodes feature extreme toying and insertions, hardcore sex with a fetish twist, fine rope work, wax play, tight bondage and what not. Just think about it, all these things could be your means of expressing yourself when you get inside and become the director of your own fantasy-powered fetish sex video!

What do we have in here, finally? Your Fetish Show has a nice addition to its content collection, but let’s face it, this is what we (and you, most likely) will start our journey through the site with. With a solid selection of dozens and dozens of fresh, exclusive episodes filmed in original HD, Your Fetish Show seems to be doing quite good as a content-based site below. Filmed in what looks like actual dungeons (well, mostly) and not being too dark or gloomy, these videos mix hardcore sex and all sorts of kinky activities nicely. The diversity is impressive, they got girls dominating girls, guys dominating girls, and girls dominating guys, too. In most cases, there’s a generous load of hardcore penetrative sex action added to the entire kinky thing. But with side dishes of bondage, restraints, power play, wax and what not, the sex reaches whole new levels. The second conceptual part of the site, the entire submit your own fantasy thing, has a section dedicated to it, and here they lay out what is needed so that you can turn your one of a kind fantasy into a full featured fetish porn episode. Just bring all your deepest dreams together (making sure they’re both creative enough and can actually be turned into a video), submit it all, and give them directions as they’re filming it – live! It’s a whole new way to explore what sex, perversion, power play and non-vanilla adult entertainment is for you. Give it a try!

Your Fetish Show is a combination of two great things, a solid content collection, and the part where you become the one and only director of your very own fetish sex video – straight from your dreams. The site adds a nice bit of innovation to the whole fetish porn thing, and whether you actually decide to participate in the making of a new fetish sex video which will rock the world, or just download and watch these original, very intense videos – it looks like it will be a lot of fun! Don’t wait, start now!

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