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Z Pornstars

Z Pornstars

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 06:42. Z Pornstars is one of those sites that has what every pervert wants to see: porn stars. With more than 240 porn stars, members have their choice of which beauty they wish to view, or jack off to. Also on the site is a list of the top-rated porn stars by the members.

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Z Pornstars

Intro promises:
So, if you don't know what one of them looks like because Z Pornstars has them arranged in names only, you can take your chances on the top-rated list and pretty much bank on it that it'll be a good one. The pictures on Z Pornstars are awesome. The only thing is I've seen a lot of these sets while perusing the Web. So, either they're syndicated or the ones I've been seeing are property of Z Pornstars; and if this is the case, they've got an awesome following. Because, I've seen a ton of the pictures and I'm really not on the Internet looking at porn that much (rolling my eyes). They're arranged in thumbnail sequence, showing them like a slow motion video, giving each frame in order. Having said this, Z Pornstars has tons and tons of pictures. And if that isn't enough, members can rate them either good or bad. None of that 1 - 5 stuff, it's either good or bad and that's it. Pretty fucking cool I must say.

The videos are above average. There are a few pages worth but are indicated by a single vids caps of some action scene within the video itself. It has the porn star's name who appears in it but it's pretty hit or miss for members wanting to see some action of their favorite porn stars. If there's ever a time of when you could say good or bad, this is it. But overall, they're OK and add to the nature and goodness of the site. I mean, with porn stars like Sydney Moon, Tawny Roberts, Veronica Zemanova, Britney Skye, Aria Giovanni, Briana Banks, Crissy Moran and Tera Patrick, you can't really lose on this.

The rest of the site gives the "new" stuff (thumbs of what's current) and the coming soon stuff (thumbs of upcoming goodness). I gave the site a 4.5 because of the videos section. That and I'm not sure if the content is syndicated or exclusive to the site. It could be a 5 if the videos were a little better. However, due to the excellence of the pictures, the membership is definitely worth it.

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