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Zentai Dolls

Zentai Dolls

Review date: 14-Sep-2015 20:18. As you know, zentai is a Japanese word for skin-tight clothes, made from spandex or maybe latex or other tight-wrapping materials. What you don’t know, however, is that there is this site out there right now called Zentai Dolls that has all the softcore, lesbian, and hardcore action with spandex-wrapped babes you may ever want to see. It’s a great niche site, and you need to see it!

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Zentai Dolls

Intro promises:
What’s up, fetish sex fans. We do have a treat for you right here. You have probably been following our reviews here and thinking, hey, when these guys are going to step away from all the mainstream stuff they are writing about, at least for a bit. When you come across a site like Zentai Dolls, you pretty much just cannot look away. Even if you are not exactly the world’s biggest fetish porn consumer. If you don’t know, zentai is a Japanese word used to denote suits that cover the entire body – and wrap it real tight, too. Think about a spandex outfit on a cute hot girl that covers like everything. There are holes for her eyes, mouth, and pussy, however. How else is she going to suck cock and get her soaked cunt boned? This is exactly what happens here at Zentai Dolls. This classy and kinky new site just oozes excellence. We mean, have you seen the tour? Keeping it classy! The simple, neat, reasonably high-end design of the tour does not interfere with the way you perceive the content samples. There are quite a few things to perceive here. So many babes in tight-wrapping latex, so much solo, girl on girl, and hardcore action. Pay attention to the Models section – and to all other sections as well, in fact. Even if you were not a zentai fetishist before, you pretty much are one now.

We have yet to see a fetish porn site that pushes the envelope quite like Zentai Dolls. We mean, just having all these super hot girls wear all these super hot latex and spandex outfits and do all the wild things they do, that would have been enough. But Zentai Dolls went further. We were quite amazed to see all these varied shoots, different outdoor and indoor locations, plenty of different outfits, and just creativity and beauty all around. Zentai Dolls is a site that differentiates between photo and video shoots. One episode may be picture-only while the next one will be video-based. With photo episodes, you have anything between 75 and 200 high resolution photographs. The movies usually run for around 15-20 minutes. There are over 20 thousand total photos and around 30 hours of video. That’s quite a lot! Zentai Dolls uses German-made outfits and all sorts of European locations – yes, there are outdoor shoots, quite a lot of them, in fact. How about not just outdoor shoots, but hotties dolled up in zentai outfits in public locations? You just don’t know what’s going to happen next. And when these kinky sluts start sucking and fucking, we guarantee, your mind will be blown. Zentai Dolls is not very huge, but it’s a very well put together site with a boutique feel. These people invest a lot in making your inner zentai freak happy. They add new European models and new outfits regularly. These sluts wear spandex like their second skin, or maybe even first!

Zentai Dolls is quite an experience. Turns out for some girls wearing a tight-wrapping spandex outfit brings out their inner slut in a wild and bad way. Zentai Dolls features indoor and outdoor softcore and hardcore shoots with European zentai babes doing pretty much all of it. From rubbing that spandex-wrapped pussy in private to parading around a European town in a kinky latex outfit, these girls just push all the limits they can. Discover Zentai Dolls now!

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