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After School JP

After School JP

Review: Japanese schoolgirls. Don’t tell us you have never rubbed one out watching a Japanese schoolgirl video or browsing through a few photos. It’s pretty much a hardcore erotica staple. After School brings you authentic Japanese schoolgirls who are just about as naughty as you would want them to be. Even more, in fact! Let’s take a look at this brand new gem.

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After School JP

Intro promises:
Everybody has fantasies about Japanese schoolgirls. We are pretty sure there literally isn’t a single man on Earth who hasn’t at one point or another fucked a Japanese schoolgirl in his dreams. Some lucky bastards sure did it not just in dreams, but in real life, too. But doing it for real sounds kinda like too much hard work, so why don’t you take a look at After School? This brand new and very Japanese site builds the much-awaited bridge between online porn as we know and like it, and authentic Japanese erotica filmed in Japan with real Japanese girls (and boys). After School is not just a site that has Japanese schoolgirls and that’s it. There’s also an idea here, a concept. The concept basically is that these girls are normal schoolgirls during the day, and after the classes are over, they turn into dick-hungry freaks. That’s right. Here, the uniform-wearing cuties assume the active role to some extent. It’s not just the silent doll letting out quiet squeaks as she is getting fucked. These hotties don’t mind demanding things from their fellow students and other men, and you know you want to see all those things. Take a look at the free area of After School and remember to check out all the video samples. Plus, the design has this Asian style thing going on and that’s definitely something to enjoy.

The thing about After School is that it’s not just one of those sites where they hand out school uniforms to American girls and tell them to pretend they’re Asian schoolgirls. This is the real deal here. The shit’s filmed in Japan and the shit’s starring Japanese performers only. Even though there may be the notorious pixelation here and there, it kinda only makes the whole thing way hotter. Just another bit stimulating your imagination — and what is porn about if not imagination? Anyway, After School is a decently sized site with 100% original content that offers hours and hours of HD video plus thousands of photos. The full HD footage is perfectly compatible with your mobile devices. The videos themselves are very well-produced, with extremely lovely models who are not shy to show their naughty, demanding side once in a while. They just want their teen Japanese bush eaten or dicked hard from this very angle, and the dudes they use for all that better be able to deliver. Some of the episodes are literally about these schoolgirl sluts demanding guys to fuck them right after classes without even leaving the building. The scenes are set in all these halls and rooms that are normally used for studying, but hey, that Japanese pussy is itching. After School is a nice combination of Western hardcore style approach and the Japanese style. Oh yeah, the girls are actually Japanese and they speak the language in the videos!

After School is all about Japanese schoolgirls who are getting out of control. They are no longer shy and timid. They are horny, and they need to get fucked right now! Watch all the amazing hardcore Japanese schoolgirl videos in full HD here at After School right now. Find out what these seemingly decent young girls are up to after classes. Watch them masturbate in locker rooms and get fucked in classrooms — and much more. See After School now!

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