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ATK Girlfriends

ATK Girlfriends

Review date: 18-Feb-2022 12:36. ATK have a few sites on the go, though this seems to be a standalone membership. Having said that, there was access to a free live cam show when I was there and I could also access the cam archives along with the main content.

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ATK Girlfriends

Intro promises:
There are community functions here as well, such as a forum and the ATK Lounge for articles and other neat stuff, though you may have to join that separately. Movies come with streams and downloads, there are ways to get involved with the site and personalise your experience and the members' area is functional and works well. ATK Girlfriends is all about bringing you hot amateur girls in POV movies, but three is a bit more to it than that with the galleries and the extras. The movies are exclusive to the company and have been filmed in the USA, England, Malaysia, Holland and Singapore. They offer you the chance to get to know a variety of amateur girls who get up to all kinds of stuff from solo masturbation to foot play and hardcore, and there is a lot of the promised Point Of View up-close included, so you really do feel like you are getting up close and personal with some very sexy, world-wide babes. The members' are is very neat and tidy and there is nothing distracting you from finding the content. There are some adverts but they are in a Specials area and so when you log in the only advert you will see is a countdown for the free live show. Beneath this, on the home page, are news, comments, and then samples of the most recent content uploads, and news on what is coming next. Content is published with its upload dates and there is plenty of information to check out. The main menu is to the left and this takes you straight to the Models where each one gets a face pic and some stats, links to her content and a bio page; it’s a pretty comprehensive model index. The Movies section comes next and here you have numbered index pages showing roll-over images for each scene, stats and details and direct links to the file to download. You can also click the pic for the stream and there you can rate, comment and add things to your favourites collection. The movies come with linked tag words and descriptions and a choice of viewing options. There are then the community and extra links in the menu which will take you to a list of Locations used in filming, which acts as a kind of filter though most movies originated in the USA. Then there’s a link to the Forum where you link straight in and where you can start to get your views across. You will also find links to the web cam area, top lists, a search area, your account details, a DVD store and the support area. Up at the top you can change the language of the site, see your recent searches and your favourites collection. It is a members’ area with all the good interactive functions you will need.

There are so many areas an links in the menu and on the pages it was hard for me to track down the galleries, and in the end I concluded that there weren’t any. It’s all videos here and there were 367 of them when I was at the site. The earliest one was dated 2011 and came with four downloads, the same as the most recent ones. There were WMV (standard definition), MP4 HD, MP4 Standard and MP4 Mobile to take, so there should be something there to suit you. There were also streams for the scenes in three qualities and the top resolutions I found were at 5,000 kbps @ 1,920 x 1,080. The quality was fine: good and natural filming with all the POV that was promised, and good and natural girls who talk to camera, and then get down and dirty in just the way we like them to. Movies run for good lengths of time as well, around 20 to 35 minutes on average. Because of the way they are filmed you can, with only a little imagination, think that you were there doing the filming., The girls get up close to the cam, they speak naturally and then they let you, the camera, explore them all over. You will get right in close as the girls open up for you and then you will find yourself looking down ‘your’ body to her riding your cock. The sound is natural as well which adds to the reality atmosphere of everything and you end up with very good POV movies with very natural amateur girls. If you click to the Web Cams area you should find nine recordings and a note of when the next show is going to be. There was one set for a couple of days after my visit and the date and time is shown (in PDT). You can also explore the model index to see who appears in what and find content that way. There were 78 girls here aged between 18 and 30, with the majority being in their 20s. Some of these movies were marked up as ‘bonus’, though I am not sure why. Perhaps they come from one of the other ATK Sites. There are links to these other sites in a drop-down but they only take you to the tour page. I was unable to log in from there without signing up and the same happened with the Lounge Area.

ATK Girlfriends stays with its amateur theme though a lot of the girls could quite easily be professional porn stars. There is something nicely natural about the movies here, from the way the girls speak to camera, to the POV filming, it’s all very realistic and that adds to the good atmosphere. There are good viewing options for streams and downloads, the site is easy to use and there are some nice interactive options like the forums and comments. I wasn't sure about bonuses as most extras seemed to require a further sign up, and there were no galleries that I could find. But daily updates and a good stock of hot content already will ensure you get good on-going value for money.

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