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AV 69

AV 69

Review: Clap your hands worshippers of glam, glitzy, gorgeous Japanese babes. We continue our series of Japanese AV site reviews with, the premium class place for 1080p movies where glamour meets hardcore action in just the right proportions. Get a load of this, the site has over 850 movies now and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

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AV 69

Intro promises:
Really, believe it or not, we are on some sort of a Japanese girls bender here. We’ve stumbled into this family of sites with the highest grade Japanese AV porn we’ve ever seen, and it’s really impossible to stop watching all these exotic babes indulge in all the naughty action their kinky minds are up to. Right now, a great new site called is up for our review, and from the entire family, it seems to show the finest balance of quality and quantity. When we say family here, we mean JAV HD of course, a site which got into our spotlight only earlier today, receiving a really high mark (check the overall rating). Yes, is part of this huge, great-looking thing, but it’s also a great standalone site which very much deserves your attention even without all the advantages of being part of a network. The tour will tell you everything you need to know, and it will also set the bar of expectations real high. Don’t worry, this shop is just as cool as its shop window, perhaps even cooler. The tour is one lovely piece of eye candy here, with great stylish design, nice colors, and big previews, pictures and videos alike, which just pop into your face. The site specializes in Japanese AV of the highest grade, the kind of porn where beautiful young girls of the type which thousands of horny Japanese men lust after, put most Western world pornstars to shame. You gotta see it!

From all the sites in the family, stands out with its very classy look, terrific video quality and a whopping 400Gb collection of content. Well, not much else to wish for, right? As you enter this hotspot for glamorous Japanese AV porn, you feel that the magic starts working. Having over 850 videos and thousands of matching photos, shows a perfect balance between quality and quantity. Mind you, the movies come in original 1080p resolution (sometimes 720p), and you have no idea how great these look and how hot they are. An interesting detail here, the more you stay a member, the more exclusive goodies you see. That’s right! They got special offers for members who’ve stayed recurring for 3 and 6 months. A real incentive to keep your subscription up to date, we’re telling you. is ready to become your one-stop source for glossy and steamy Japanese AV porn which comes in a whole lot of types and varieties. Whether you got a thing for shy Japanese schoolgirls or cum guzzling MILFs, whether you like nurse uniforms or mild Japanese shibari bondage, will deliver hardcore uncensored (yes, uncensored) videos of the highest grade. Downloadable without any limits, of course – and the pictures, too. The member area is crammed with features and opportunities. Japanese AV hardcore porn has never been so enjoyable!

Conclusion: is the perfect starting point to start exploring the JAV HD network, and Japanese AV porn scene as a whole, too. The site strikes a very nice balance between quantity (400+ gigs of high def content) and quality (720p and 1080p videos, all exclusive). If you know this scene, you’ll recognize renowned Japanese AV idols and you will also be happy to discover a lot of fresh faces. A great-looking package for a value-loaded product, is as close to flawless and cool as an adult site can possibly get.

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