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Banged By Daddy

Banged By Daddy

Review date: 21-Mar-2014 18:02. Bears on twinks, twinks on bears, it’s a total mess now. But you would love it! Banged By Daddy is a brand new site for those who like ages mixed in their gay porn. Bigger, hairier, more mature men paired with smoother, fresher-looking boys for your entertainment. With exclusive bonus sites on top and all coming in very nice quality. All hot, all uncensored, all waiting for you!

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Banged By Daddy

Intro promises:
Oh, these lovely, experienced, impossibly hot daddies, this whole daddy porn thing never gets old for us – pun intended. Recently we saw the coming of a whole range of very decent looking sites with either daddies and daddies, or daddies and younger boys. We’re happy with either, of course, and yet another little birdie has told us there are a few new daddy-themed sites in the works. Looks like the hot days for daddy lovers are here. What we have today is Banged by Daddy, a fun and bustling new site focused entirely on smooth twink-like boys getting seriously dicked by older, woolier, more experienced daddies. Oh, did we say entirely? Once in a while a daddy likes to feel a younger meat piece in his holes as well! As you can see, it’s fun all the way, with all types of twink vs daddy hookups explored. The free tour area gives a nice amount of episodes to preview, and also offers a few interesting details about the network this site belongs to. That’s right, it’s yet another many for one kind of deal, and we assure you these are all exclusive, unique, well-made sites – not some filler crap you may get elsewhere. Banged By Daddy looks like a gateway to a whole world of hi-grade gay porn, starting with twink and daddy couples and going into other territories, populated by twinks too.

Banged By Daddy has fun written all over it. For starters, you get to see really hot-looking couples, smooth, muscled, absolutely perfect. They always include a cute teasing twink and a daddy hungry for action, his experienced cock pulsing between his hairy hips. Without much initial ado, the episodes mostly feature all-out hardcore action with lots of generous dicking, both in the mouth and in the ass. Like we said, daddies mostly top here while younger boys obviously bottom, but sometimes it’s the other way round. Nothing beats browsing through a dozen of episodes where daddies top and then finding a nice video where a bear-like daddy is going crazy begging for a twink cock insertion. The videos come in real solid quality here. This is a classy network featuring good-looking fuck flicks, you don’t have to worry about quality. All the sites are new but all together they make a neat collection with tens and tens of exclusive episodes. These usually last for 25 to 35 minutes of pure daddy on twink sex, and the photo count is almost in the 500s. We liked how the daddies are real strong and tough and rugged a bit while their bottoms are on the coed, twink and frat boy side. So much fuel for your dirty fantasies with older and younger men here, you won’t believe it. Try now, this is solid.

Banged By Daddy explores the urges of younger boys who just need some daddy dick in their fresh twink ass. Sometimes, however, it’s the other way around, and you’re about to have tons of fun finding out what kind of desires both the twinks and the daddies can have involving each other. A trustworthy site with a lot to see and even more to grab in the network department, Banged By Daddy is one of these new generation gay porn sites which don’t mess around and just dish out good-looking stuff you’ll want to watch over and over again. With the unlimited downloads, that’s so totally easy!

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