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Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Review: Yay, a network deal! You know how we love these. With Big Daddy, you’ll get access to HD videos from 10+ gay sites which are really big right now. Out in Public, UnGloryhole, It’s Gonna Hurt, Project City Bus – do these names ring any bells? Of course they do, it’s the gay porn elite of today, and Big Daddy lets you enjoy daily updates of their awesome stuff, nonstop. Gay porn fans, beware!

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Big Daddy

Intro promises:
Mmm, network site deals. In the dog eat dog world of today’s porn, these are often not exactly the cool offers you expect them to be right away. We’re sure all of us can remember a network site with boring filler content which lured you in with promises of more content than you can handle, only to get you inside offering barely anything in return. Big Daddy here is an example of how this entire network deal thing should be done. The guys just had enough sites to tie into a single login system, and Big Daddy is this unified access point which lets you browse all the content from 10+ sites and check out the goodies as they appear. Check the free tour, this masterpiece of design is loaded with previews from all the 10+ sites in the network. And boy what sites these are! Big names like Out in Public, It’s Gonna Hurt, Thug Hunter and many more, these just couldn’t go unnoticed for any fan of gay porn out there. Blending reality style action, different in every case, fresh-looking amateur guys you’ve never seen before and some really marvelous looking HD content, these sites have been around for a while. They have also been niche bestsellers since their first day! Now, with Big Daddy, you get hundreds of exclusive episodes united into a single network which you can browse until you fall from exhaustion. Let’s get in!

The tour part of Big Daddy is really everything you may want to see before entering. It’s not a network bringing together sites which would have had no chance to get any exposure otherwise. Big Daddy unites successful niche sites which already have thousands of fans of their own. Whether you are into glory holes, gay porn casting, gay massage porn, sex in public, huge dicks, ex-boyfriends, gay orgy parties or reality style city bus footage, Big Daddy got a lot for you – all for one very reasonable admission fee! Inside, this great network site looks just as good as the tour, very similar to member areas of participating sites. The big, crystal clear thumbnails help you pick a video to watch easily, and the HD streaming or downloads let you watch a flick right now or save it, add to your collection and enjoy later on. Each site in the network has from 15 to 150 exclusive scenes, so it’s hundreds of great-looking films all together we’re talking about here. These guys have their peculiar shooting style; they mix fun and cool intro stories with all-out hardcore sex and some of the steamiest action you will find in gay porn today. Add the crystal clear HD resolution on top of it, and you got a network which is easy to get access to but impossible to leave! Bid Daddy is answer to all of your gay porn needs, basically.

Sites like It’s Gonna Hurt, Project City Bus or Rub Him have been rocking the gay porn scene for a while now. With Big Daddy, you’ll get access to all their high definition updates, as well as all upcoming scenes. The one login, ten sites network lets you watch any of the hundreds of videos all the sites got together. You get unlimited access to some of the best gay porn made today, and this is no exaggeration. Treat yourself to top shelf stuff, you’ve deserved it – now 10 for the price of 1!

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