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Celebs Dungeon

Celebs Dungeon

Review date: 7-Apr-2024 19:35. You didn’t know America’s hottest female celebs are in fact submissive, punishment-craving SM sluts, but hey, it’s high time you found out! Set all your darkest celeb sex fantasies free with Celebs Dungeon, a highly unique and special site with eye-popping drawn content featuring celebs bound, fucked and humiliated!

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Celebs Dungeon

Intro promises:
Everybody has at least a few favorite celebrities who inspire them to a bit of dirty thinking. But what kind of stuff do you imagine when you’re fantasizing about you and a celebrity in a naughty context? Some might prefer these glamorous bitches to boss them around and look down on them from their star position. But if you like it the other way round and the thought of Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson bent over, bound and begging in front of you, urging you to take control and punish them like these whores deserve, hey, we got something for you here. Celebs Dungeon is a super new site which has only been launched a few days ago and it barely went public as of now. The site has a very unusual concept which pretty much blends a whole bunch of great factors into one very explosive cocktail. It’s a drawn content site, with very realistic-looking comics which take world’s sexiest and most famous women through stories of sexual depravity, submission and limit pushing. Halle Berry with clamps on her divine nips? Salma Hayek getting a raw facefucking and being bathed in muck? Cameron Diaz tied up with rope, spread up and fucked in every hole she has? Yes, and more! See the free tour here, it gives you a great idea of what the site’s content looks like, and what kind of things to expect. And then, well, get in!

Celebs Dungeon has the same neat, nice-looking design inside you can see in the starting tour area. The site is not really dark like most fetish and SM-themed sites would be. Instead, it makes your heart run faster with its red colors and offers just the right amount of glamour to tune you into the celeb mood. The site is very young and fresh so there is still a huge potential for growth. The content collection has a few dozen episodes right now. Celebs Dungeon is an image-only site right now, but who knows, maybe animated movies are in the works right now. The content looks flawlessly produced and lovingly drawn. The celebs are very recognizable and just to make the entire thing more convincing, there are short stories for each episode with names of celebrities and a dirty story describing what happened. The content here is a blend of hardcore sex on the extreme side and fetish slash SM explorations. The SM thing does not get too dark, but you will actually see a lot of handcuffs, plenty of rope, and other gear like nipple clamps, gags, or sophisticated suspension devices. And all of these are used to degrade, humiliate, arouse and make cum all your most lusted-after female celebrities of today! This is a great idea and we’re happy someone actually came up with this. If you like celebs and don’t like to be too vanilla about it, here’s your thing.

Celebs Dungeon reveals a whole new side of hot and lusted after female celebs of today. The site is filled with fantasy comics featuring the most depraved sex and submission sessions with world-famous women. These women reveal their slutty submissive sides and take plenty of cock, toy, rope and cane and metal and latex – blowing your mind away and giving a whole new twist to your celeb fantasies. The site is built with exclusive drawn content which couldn’t look any better – so give it a try now!

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