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Review date: 15-Dec-2020 05:25. Cosmid is a honest, small and genuine site that delivers on its promises and doesn't let you down. It has a new twist on erotica as you will see in a moment, and it twists well. Take the time to read the tour text and you will see they are up-front, 'we're not a big company...' but it is one that knows what it is doing. They bring you amateur girls in a stylish way, they update regularly and they ask a sensible, low, price from you to access the members' area.

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Intro promises:
This is one of those sites that you can snuggle up to and feel safe. The neat little gimmick that Cosmid has is that they put ordinary girls together with professional photographers, giving Jane Public the chance to make a real photo shoot with people who know what they are doing. So that gives us a reality feel, like some TV show, and makes the viewing all the more entertaining and natural. Anyone can apply to be a Cosmid model (as long as you're female of course) and what you as a member end up with is an array of good looking, amateur models captured by pro-photographers in classy image sets and videos. Cosmid has a logical, clean and simple members' area; there's a stylish grey background, big and clear images of each of the models spread over four main index pages, and enough information to keep you up to date with what is happening. Starting with that updates news: you will find a blog here, which is actually an update page. There are notes on what's going on with the site and the company posted from time to time. There is also a 'coming soon' page where you can see some of the sexy girls who are soon to grace the pages. And the content itself comes with the date it was added so you can keep an eye on updates. Obviously the girls are the thing here and it's really easy to get to them. There are large sample pics for each one on those index pages, and when clicked these take you to the girls' own page. There were 54 models when I called in and each one has a short write up, you're told a little about her and then you get to the list of her contributions. Another neat thing about the members' area is that you feel that the webmasters want your options. There is a feedback page, which basically links to an email address, but there are also little polls from time to time. When I was there I was asked what I thought about having some MILFs added to the site and, on the 'coming soon' page, I was asked which of the girls I was looking forward to seeing most and why. Little things like that give you a good feeling about a site, your opinion matters here. So, your members' area is not a place to be scared of, in fact it's simple to use, uncomplicated and user-friendly.

You will want to know if these lush babes take their clothes off won't you? Well, yes, some do and you're told which set contains nude pics or videos. I'd say that the emphasis is on the poses and the girls rather than on sex or nudity though, and I came away thinking that this is well made content and well worth seeing. The girls are varied, they are aged between 18 and mid/late 20's and for amateurs they do really well. Check the videos for some chat and strips, which were very erotic, and then check the galleries for downloadable images that you can keep. As for technical things: The 54 girls had various amounts of content, some had one photo set while others had several photo sets and a few videos, it's all mixed up and you browse by girl rather than by videos and galleries. Movies are available in two resolutions for WMV (1.38mbps @ 640 x 360 is the lower quality one and was pretty well perfect, the higher one was an almost unnecessary 3.38mbps @ 1280 x 720) and there is also a Quicktime version - you can stream or download. Images come with a zip file option and in two sizes when you open them online: the top being 1067 x 1600, these, as you would expect, are digital and clear, well taken and very collectable. Sadly there is no slideshow option so you must browse one by one, opening and closing as you go. But that's about the only drawback with the content at Cosmid. There are no bonus features here - you have a stand alone site that stands very well on its own and doesn't really need anything extra. There is the blog/update news and you can apply to be a model, and there are those polls and feedback options. The real bonus here is the girls themselves.

It's always good to find a site that is doing something different. You wont find your standard hardcore here, there is nothing sleazy or nasty about Cosmid, it's all about ordinary girls caught on camera, but by professionals. Who knows, the world's next top model might be here and you can see here in all her (sometimes) naked glory. Everything is neat and clean and easy to use here and you come away knowing that you have visited a quality site. If we could have some way of chatting to the girls, find out more about them and so on, then we'd become total fans. Meanwhile though you have a nice collection of amateur erotic content.

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