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Cum In My Wife Please

Cum In My Wife Please

Review: There are lots of reasons that creampies are interesting and arousing. For those that don’t know a creampie, when used in a sexual way refers to a hot load of cum being dumped inside a woman’s pussy or more rarely her asshole. The chick gets fucked without a condom and the guy doesn’t bother pulling out when he cums inside her, which is awesome. It’s a little bit dirty because we know that safe sex is supposed to be practiced at all times. On some sites there’s also the hot wife aspect.

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Cum In My Wife Please

Intro promises:
Cum In My Wife Please is one such site. They have hot chicks getting fucked and pumped full of cum and the ladies are receiving those sticky loads from men they’re not married to. They give head and get fucked and when the guy is ready to let loose he’s supposed to stay inside and give the lady something to remember him by. Cum In My Wife Please is a creampie site. They call it a creampie lover’s delight on the tour page and they aim to give you pictures and videos of hot chicks getting fucked and filled with spunk. It’s unclear if that’s what they actually do based on the screws previewed on the tour though, which is a little disturbing. They have plenty of pictures and trailers you can download but the trailers don’t actually match up to the pictures and they usually show the guys cumming on the wife’s pussy or ass and not in it. Is this going to be a creampie site or are they just teasing? The design stinks. It should be good because it’s relatively crisp and clean but for the most part it’s just not very appealing. You’re going to get inside and feel like you joined a cheap site that doesn’t work hard to make its members happy. The preview pictures for the scenes are usually crappy screencaps and there are silly errors like the latest update not having a preview picture at all or some of the scenes missing screen captures, which makes it pretty damn hard to know what you’re getting before you download. Along the top of the page they have links to the models, photos and movies along with a bunch of other crap that you should mostly ignore. You can hit up the model page to see a full list of the babes that have starred on the site. It’s handy but just like with the picture and movie pages you can only list eight per page, which makes getting through the full list a bit annoying. The movies and pictures are listed by the date they were added as a default but you can shift that to alphabetical or popularity if you choose. The image sets are generally high quality at 1200-1600px and they typically have 80-120 pictures. There’s a zip file for download as well. The videos are downloadable in WMV and MPEG and play at 1000kbps and 2000kbps. Some scenes are broken into multiple parts for convenience and some are not. There’s no rhyme or reason to this. As far as I can tell every scene has been broken into multiple parts, some to a ridiculous degree (do we really need one scene broken into 10 parts and updated slow as molasses over a month or two?). That artificially increases the number of videos and slows down the speed at which you get new clips. On a creampie site it’s not going to be useful for you to have the first half where the girl gets fucked but actually take the creampie. You need the whole thing now!

Cum In My Wife Please is not really a wife creampie site. The scenes don’t have husbands watching their wives getting fucked and they don’t have much in the way of talk about how the women is married and cheating on her man. The whole thing is a marketing conceit designed to get you interested in the site based on the whole wife creampie thing. It’s exceptionally annoying that they would do that, to be honest, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth right off the bat. The way they divide each scene into multiple parts is also annoying, especially since they don’t always update them in order so it can be a little challenging to find them all. Cum In My Wife Please is a pretty basic creampie site. That’s not a bad thing though. They have high nice looking videos of hot chicks getting fucked and taking sloppy creampies in their wet pussies (once again, it’s really annoying that you can’t download the full length clips). Most scenes are twosomes with the hot babes getting fucked in various positions before the cum is dumped. Then the camera pushes in close and we watch it all leak out in a slow and sensual manner. They have nearly 300 videos for download and that translates to roughly 125-130 scenes. It’s not a huge site, especially since the videos look like they were pulled from DVDs. The quality and lighting and related factors are different in most of them, which makes me think they’re not all produced by the same company. They could be though and they say they’re exclusive so let’s just assume that’s the truth. Some scenes are POV style, some are filmed in the gonzo style, some are regular hardcore fucking. The bottom line is that this is an average site. Your membership includes bonus access to 11 other average sites and all told it’s a pretty good collection but it’s not going to blow your mind in any way.

Sites like Cum In My Wife Please can be hard to review because they don’t really stand out in any way. They’re average in almost every way and that’s definitely how I would describe this one. The girls are hot and they get fucked hard in their pussies and they take creampies but there are issues that make it worth looking into another site with creampies before you join this one. The fact that almost every movie is divided into multiple parts makes it impossible to download a full length clip. That makes the updates really slow too. The layout isn’t all that compelling either and it strikes me as ugly a lot of the time. The photos seem kind of old. In some of the scenes the girls don’t even take a creampie but instead have the guy cum on the outside of the pussy or asshole. I like the bonus content but there’s just nothing overly compelling about the site. It’s average.

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