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Czech Experiment

Czech Experiment

Review date: 3-Apr-2019 10:42. If you took a trip down to the Czech Republic, and there was this hot girl approaching you right in the street, inviting you for a quickie somewhere… It’s like your dream coming true, right? Isn’t it why you decided to visit the country in the first place? Czech Experiment is yet another Czech AV site showing you this so-called social experiment entirely focused on street quickies.

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Czech Experiment

Intro promises:
Just when you thought maybe these crazy ass guys over in the Czech Republic stopped releasing new killer reality porn sites, here’s yet another one. This Czech AV network, these people just don’t know when to quit do they. Right now we are looking at a family of 25 different sites that are special, unconventional, and full of hot European reality porn as we all like it. Whenever they launch a new site, you go like, damn, I haven’t thought of that before. They always come up with new ways to show just how easy and depraved girls (and guys) are in their native country. Right now, with Czech Experiment, it’s all about girls just walking around the place offering guys to hook up for a quickie. What would their reaction be? Would they run away blushing or would they just whip it out and do it? And what if it’s a girl? Would she be open to get it on with another girl just like this for the whole world to see? Questions, questions. Don’t worry, Czech Republic has all the answers. So this is pretty much the premise, this girl wanders around and the camera is always rolling and as soon as they start getting it on in the bushes, it focuses on them. Maybe on passers by as well for a bit. See, Czech Republic is fun already!

The experiment is going pretty great, we gotta tell you that. Czech Experiment is a classic Czech AV site with a basic interface and full length high definition episodes filmed entirely in hardcore reality mode. In this case, everything does actually happens in public spots, so often the cameraman is at a bit of a distance. But that’s how you get the real thrill! You feel as if you are actually there, taking a peek at the horny couple as they get it on. Everything is as real as it can be. You can probably go to the Czech Republic yourself and find the locations they used – and see if you can hook up with hot next door babes there! Czech Experiment offers a standard Czech AV experience with unlimited video downloads, streaming, pictures, and fun to read write-ups. Even though the site may sound like it has a similar concept to some of their previous products, Czech Experiment is actually different. And we are not even talking about this concept where girls come up to guys (and sometimes other girls) offering a quick fuck in public. The shooting technique is what really sets Czech Experiment apart. It’s like you are a secret voyeur in the bushes, spying on a horny couple. You still see all the detail you want though – we told you this is high definition we are talking about!

Czech Experiment is all about Czech girls hooking up with local dudes in a matter of a few seconds. Imagine yourself just walking down a street in Prague and then this babe comes up to you and invites you to bone her horny Czech snatch just like that. You can also imagine yourself a secret observer, jerking it as a horny couple gets it on in the bushes. Either way, Czech Experiment is tons of fun, and you should check it out – and other 25+ Czech AV sites, too!

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