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Czech Gay Casting

Czech Gay Casting

Review date: 3-Apr-2019 10:39. Czech Republic, the craziest country in Europe. Did you know that it’s not just girls there who want to get rich and famous by doing porn? Many guys are also this way, and here we don’t mean straight porn at all! Czech Gay Casting shows the very first steps beefy Czech dudes from all over the country make in hardcore gay pornography. These are some wild steps, too. It’s outrageous!

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Czech Gay Casting

Intro promises:
Looks like Czech Republic is the kind of country where your main resources are porn performers. Really, there are so many people involved in the industry for such a small country it’s hard to believe it at first. And the good news is, it’s not just girls. If you are into naturally sexy men unspoiled by big cities but willing to make some dough getting fucked in their tight virgin (also often straight) ass and fuck back, there’s something you should see. The name is Czech Gay Casting, and this thing is absolutely going to blow your mind. Casting and the whole regular dude before, porn performer after thing seems to be more popular than ever these days. With all the things combined here, like natural-looking hot young men from all over the country, and some pretty intense sex action which does push the limits of these guys a lot – and stretches their holes as well. We have seen a few sites produced by this company already and Czech Gay Casting does look like what they usually create. The look is fairly simple, but there’s a lot to see. You get to preview most, if not all of the guys, with their profiles and their life stories. There is also a video trailer with the hottest episodes from the site’s content collection combined. We mean, good god. Just look at these ripped Czech hunks looking to make some easy money getting naked and having sex with another man on camera! They have no idea just yet, but it’s not going to be easy money, no sir.

So much delish beefcake in the tour, of course we wanted to enter right away. And we did! The tour did a great job at preparing us for the whole casting thing, with the guys’ profiles and pictures having this naughty mugshot feel to them. Well, it’s only getting better inside. You get full access to the site’s content collection. For a site which was just launched or even wasn’t yet launched at all, this is solid. Tens of exclusive episodes, 5,600px maximum photo resolution, and original HD videos downloadable in a bunch of convenient ways. We are sure you would check these guys out if you met them let’s say in a club in Prague. The gay scene is pretty active there, you know. Now you can see these hot dudes getting down to business for the first time in their life on camera. The episodes are quite lengthy, some well over 30 minutes. They start in a pretty innocent way, the guy is right in front of you on a white couch and he’s asked questions (in Czech, with English subtitles, which adds to the naughty feel), and after they’re done with the talking, they start testing him. Oh what tests these are! They just don’t do these things in the small towns some of these guys come from! Anal toys, hardcore sex, masturbation, oral action, sixtynining, you name it. The guys are mostly in their twenties, with sporty looks, some real pumped up beefcake types, some with tattoos, and all with delicious dicks which have never got hard in front of a camera before.

Czech Gay Casting will blow your mind, guaranteed. The site feeds off the desire of hot-looking amateur Czech men to make a bit of dough by doing gay porn. Apparently in their small towns the talk is that this is the easiest way for a young guy to make a lot of money in the capital. Looks like there is! But they’re not making any money at all before they get their virgin butts stretched out with some fat cock – on video! These lads have no idea what they’re getting involved into. This is the ultimate gay porn casting experience, with real next door guys, interviews, profiles, and hardcore tryouts. Also, everything is in crystal clear HD!

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