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Czech Sharking

Czech Sharking

Review date: 3-Apr-2019 10:34. You can get away with a lot in the Czech Republic. You think you know what sharking is? Wait till you see Czech Sharking. This site ups the ante and offers a very nice set of episodes with the most wicked sharking scenes we have seen to date. Yes, filmed all over the Czech Republic. Yes, with these European sluts you love so much. Now they are about to get sharked, totally for real!

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Czech Sharking

Intro promises:
Think the thrills and the kicks and the fun have left today’s porn a long time ago? How about some sharking porn then? You know, when hot girls are hunted down in the streets and have their shirts pulled up, skirts pull down, you know, this sort of thing. The look on their face the second it happens, it’s priceless. Good news for fans of sharking themed erotica and for all those looking for crazy thrills. As a matter of fact, things are about to get batshit crazy. If there is a country which is perfect for wild sharking, this is the Czech Republic. We mean, it’s the capital of European porn as it is, so we figure these sexy European sluts won’t mind a different angle here. Anyway, Czech Sharking is here, courtesy of the Czech AV brand what we have known and loved for a while. You know how these guys are. Next door amateurs from all over Czech Republic, super insane action which sometimes gets too crazy to be watched without screaming, and outstanding quality content. A sharking site is the next logical step in their development of their Czech AV network which now has as many as nine killer sites with all sorts of erotica with a strong reality feel. We can’t emphasize this enough, these guys rock, just check our reviews for their other sites! Let’s see whether Czech Sharking lives up to the expectations.

The Czech AV network is definitely among our most beloved adult site networks active today. When you enter Czech Sharking, you get a chance to check out all the awesomeness the network has to offer. It’s hard to say focus on the sharking thing even. But trust is, it’s worth it. We are not sure if these guys have tackled sharking content before, but what they made here is nothing short of masterpiece. Their episodes have just the right balance of mean, awkward, and sexy. They are set all over the Czech Republic, from the more glamorous Prague to the gloomy-looking smaller towns. You know how these Czech girls are, they walk around in outfits that everybody wants to pull down. So, the camera follows the girl for a while, then there’s this dude behind her, then bam, depending on what she’s wearing, her tasty rack, her smooth Czech pussy or all of the above get exposed to the whole world. Then she freaks out, the guy runs away, and then everything is replayed in slow motion, just so that you can enjoy the goodies in full detail. All of these are actual public locations, and the videos have this rough, edgy feel to them – even though they come in flawless HD quality! We are not sure how long these guys will be able to keep it up. Someone has to bust their asses soon!

The badass adventures of the Czech AV team in the blessed land of Bohemia continue. This time, they deliver a great set of exclusive sharking episodes, set all over the Czech Republic and featuring next door girls who have never been on camera. Perfectly filmed and full of tension and dangerous, blood-boiling sensuality, these episodes will totally rock your world. You know the Czech AV guys, they don't mess around when it comes to being naughty and crazy. Sharking fans, check it all out – and if you are not a fan yet, you will become very soon!

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