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Czech Solarium

Czech Solarium

Review date: 3-Apr-2019 10:32. Girls in solarium, now that’s a sexy topic. Sexy Czech girls in a real life solarium filmed by these two candid cameras, how about that? That’s way sexier! Czech Solarium is here which means you’re about to see some pretty damn mind-blowing footage which will make your inner voyeur very happy. Also, you get to see the entire network with 12+ Czech-themed sites, all of them crazy!

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Czech Solarium

Intro promises:
When a girl has a little me time, what does she do? Nail salons, hairdressers, malls, solariums, she probably goes to one of those things. While the first three are not really hot, solariums are totally hot, pun intended. Haven’t you always wanted to see girls improving their tan up close? Who knows what they do there, perhaps they get so aroused by being alone, naked, and getting tanned that they start rubbing their wet pussies right away..! Oh boy. Good that we have Czech Solarium here to show us everything. Well, where else if not in the Czech Republic? Do you remember a network called Czech AV, with a whole bunch of pretty crazy and even seemingly borderline illegal sites in there? With all sorts of nasty shit going on, swingers, sex parties, sex in public and what not? Well, Czech Solarium is the newest site in this outrageously nasty family. So far 12 sites in there! This time, you’re about to see real life Czech girls improving their tan for their Czech boyfriends – and completely exposed in front of you along the way. See the trailer to get a better idea. They have these two cameras in a solarium, one in the room and one in the bed. Guess what, they capture just about everything worth seeing, and boy is there a lot worth seeing here. The girls lose the clothes, and we mean all of them, no underwear – and sometimes they do get too aroused. And then, well, then time for some pussy rubbing comes. It’s all for real, all unscripted, unpolished, unfaked. Get ready for your ultimate solarium voyeurism thrill!

Let’s all get naked and tanned! Really, have you ever been to a solarium? It’s just so liberating and sexy in a very special way. Like your own nudist beach, perhaps. Or not. What we are sure about though is that the videos at Czech Solarium are really special. All of them follow the same pattern, a girl comes in, undresses, then she gets into the bed, with these little black glasses on, of course, then she stays there for a while improving her tan… Then she thinks nobody sees her and just starts rubbing away at her snatch – which is by the way real up close to you! That’s right, the camera is somewhere where their feet are, which gives you a terrific view. The girls are all natural next door beauties, none of that porn model crap. They undress, they fix their makeup and other stuff, they just stay natural at all times. Unsuspecting, too. Each episode is pretty long for this kind of thing, like 10 minutes. Some of these bitches are pro level solarium users, so it takes them a while to get a tan they need. The videos come in great resolution, but of course you will need to understand these are tiny hidden cameras, not some fancy ass studio equipment. So the videos are quite good-looking taking that into account, and there are also pictures, screencaps, most likely. Great voyeur content right here, and a pretty scandalous thing, too. Good that you can’t access the site from the Czech Republic because imagine how mad the girls would get being exposed like this!

Czech Solarium is the newest site in the Czech AV family, and a very special one, too. If you have always wanted to spy after unsuspecting Eastern European hotties as they improve their tan and rub their smoothly shaved European pussies, this is the site to do so. It comes with dozens of original two-camera videos filmed in an actual solarium – and pictures as well. Czech Solarium has the same cheeky concept like most other Czech AV sites. Which you should by all means check out, by the way! Right now!

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