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Czech Toilets

Czech Toilets

Review date: 3-Apr-2019 10:29. Once again, the Czech Republic proves to be the country where the most outrageous, daring and obscene porn is produced. Find out why it takes so long for these Central European hotties to leave the bathroom with Czech Toilets. These guys went as far as to install as many as three cameras in the little girls room – and one of these is in the toilet bowl! It’s literally in your face!

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Czech Toilets

Intro promises:
Certain things, they just feel wrong. Like, why the hell all these European cuties go to the little girls room for a leak – and we don’t get to see a thing? There is a little bit of voyeur in all of us, maybe in you personally, not a little bit but a huge one! Which means you’ll love the site we present to you today. Say hello to Czech Toilets, a site with a name and concept so plain and the content so thrilling we’re really surprised modern porn can still give us such kicks. You got it right, buddy. These guys bring us shocking videos and pictures from real toilets in the Czech Republic. The girls, all kinds of girls, really, go to the ladies bathroom to tinkle, and here comes the best part. You would think, like, yeah, they have this tiny little camera in the ceiling somewhere and it makes all these shitty looking videos. Well, not really. Not at all, in fact. Czech Toilets is all about three cameras in one and the same bathroom – one in the toilet bowl! Clap your hands, you little voyeuristic pervs. Czech Toilets seems to have great footage from all the angles, especially this toilet bowl one. On top of that, the site also seems to have tons of stuff to see, and it comes with free bonus access to all the great sites in the Czech AV family. Looks like you’re in for some delicious Central European debauchery, dude!

Really, could this get any better? If you have seen any of the Czech AV sites, you kinda know what to expect here. You haven’t? Well, this is totally your loss. We have reviewed a lot of them here, they all have Czech in their name – and they offer some truly killer content in very special and narrow niches. Anyway, Czech Toilets is now a proud member of the family, so the look and feel is sort of the same. In fact, you can jump to other Czech AV sites pretty easily from the Czech Toilets member area. Everything is kept nice and simple. The videos and photos are perfectly easy to browse, stream, and download. Depending on how long the girl takes to be done with her tinkling and wiping her lovely Czech pussy, the episode duration may vary. The amount of high resolution photos stays more or less the same, well over a hundred in each gallery. But the best part, the best part is when the video goes to this bowl camera and you see the unsuspecting girl’s leaking pussy so close to your face you won’t believe it. That’s right, that bowl angle is our favorite. It gives great views of girls pulling down their pantyhose and panties, letting that golden stream out, and wiping their lovely pussies afterwards. And putting all their sexy underwear back on, for sure. Czech Toilets is the real deal for anyone into bathroom voyeurism, real uncensored erotica from the crazy Europe, and girls who don’t know it but look lovely when taking a piss!

Get your freak on you voyeuristic perv, with Czech Toilets, surely. The site brings tons of fresh air into the bathroom voyeurism niche with its authentic videos. These feature lovely Czech girls take sexy leaks having no idea they’re being filmed – from as many as 3 angles! The footage the three cameras provide is always high quality and highly arousing. Check out these Czech pussies up close, gushing warm yellow streams, so close you will feel as if you’re getting wet yourself! A crazy and fun to place to be, that’s for sure.

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