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Domina Fist

Domina Fist

Review: Surrender your dearest, slave, the Mistress is in kinky mood today! Domina Fist is the place where powerful, sexy women turn male buttholes into sore, gaping, wrecked holes – with fists and even their feet. Explore your wildest fantasies and find out how hard to handle and rewarding at the same time femdom-peppered fisting can be. The site is brand new and really has a lot to show!

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Domina Fist

Intro promises:
We told you we had a feeling a whole bunch of great femdom-themed sites was about to be launched – and we were going to review all of them? Well, we’re starting now! Oh wait, we started already last week. Whatever! Domina Fist is a brand new site up for review today, and as you can probably guess from its name, it specializes in femdom-fueled fisting which cruel Dommes administer to eager male subs. Turns out a lot of men like having their manholes filled and stretched in really extreme ways as long as it’s done by a powerful, dominating, order-spitting lady! We haven’t seen any sites covering the same topic launched recently, and even if there are some, Domina Fist has a lot to offer. The site apparently features scenes of harsh femdom fisting – and not just fisting, footing, too! At some point the Mistresses get crazy and shove their beautiful feet all the way down these willing holes. But let’s not jump to things and start exploring Domina Fist from the very beginning. The site has a tour which has a classic adult site feel, with a colorful header and a bunch of episode previews underneath. The trailers are fun to watch, with music and stuff, so pay attention. But the real thing, of course, is even hotter, even crazier, and even worthier to be seen, so you know, let’s get inside!

Domina Fist is a site with a classic feel, no doubt about that. The member area here barely has anything else than the episodes themselves, and it’s really a good thing. Nothing is a distraction here, no ads, no popups, no links to some stuff you don’t even want to know about. Just let your fantasies of submitting to hot, kinky, powerful ladies run free and wild, and Domina Fist will be your catalyst. The site was literally started only a few days ago so we’re dealing with its starter package of content here. It’s quite nice, really, with a few dozen of episodes available already, and updates coming every week. The episodes have pictures and videos all together, and in a couple of clicks or less you can get access to any of them. The streaming videos are available in 360p, 480p and 720p resolution, all appearing in a popup window over the main member area page. There’s also a short story with every episode, and a whole bunch of photos, too – these open in a popup window as well. Navigating the whole thing is easy as ABC and you won’t have any trouble streaming the videos, even if you go for the highest resolution. The videos feature European Mistressed dolled up in kinky outfits giving guys a real hard time – think fisting, double fisting, footing and other piercing, penetrating punishments!

Domina Fist is one of the freshest femdom-themed websites you can check out these days. The site is loaded with intense, well-produced femdom fisting videos with an authentic feel. Oh, and pictures, too! These 720p flicks feature rough, real and hard to handle fisting scenes which at times can get shocking. You’ll see lovely dominating ladies shoving both their hands or even their fine feet all the way down these filthy manholes. Poor guys, and way to go for the ladies! It’s raw, and it’s worth seeing!

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