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Ebony Tugs

Ebony Tugs

Review date: 9-Mar-2016 13:39. Milking thick white dick is probably not the first thing that will pop into your head if you think about stuff hot black sluts are good at. But hey, some of them Nubian princesses, they really are. Ebony Tugs is a sparkling new site with super crystal clear HD videos and pictures with the biggest and thickest white hoses milked by the horniest and most skilled black hoes. Just wow!

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Ebony Tugs

Intro promises:
Black and white combined, what’s hotter than that, really. If you are into interracial porn, we have something new and steaming hot for you to check out. You may also be into handjob porn, actually. And big dick porn as well! See, it’s a whole combo of great things. Introducing Ebony Tugs, a shiny new site with a pretty self-explanatory name and pretty damn hot black sistaz ready to take matters into their very own hands right now. Pun intended, lol. Anyway, Ebony Tugs is a site which can be enjoyed by interracial porn fans and tugjob aficionados alike. It was launched as part of this network with a bunch of interesting handjob, big tit and pornstar sites in there. Still we feel Ebony Tugs is the coolest of them all, at least for now. They bill themselves as having really crystal clear videos and hot black girls milking big white cocks. Let’s just check the tour to see if it’s true. Ebony Tugs does look quite glossy and high resolution. The flashy web 2.0ish tour lets you see quite a few preview images. No video trailer so far, what’s the big deal with them sites with no video trailers? They do have this one animated gif though. Well, if it was a worse-looking site with no bonuses, we may have had our doubts, but Ebony Tugs looks cool and your membership totally feels like a great deal. So we’re getting in to watch the vids!

If you could, would you let a naked black chick kneeling in front of you tease and stroke and milk your dick till you’re all spent and empty? We think we know the answer to this. Ebony Tugs will let you experience the next best thing to it. Through its well-filmed videos, really clear and high resolution videos, and natural black hotties with a great on-screen presence, Ebony Tugs recreates the whole thing beautifully. The episodes here follow the traditional movies plus photos pattern. We usually prefer the videos and watch a real lot of them and only check out some of the pics. But here, we had our doubts. Both content types look really good and have their own perks. Some of this stuff is filmed POV, though they change through a bunch of angles in each video to give you a full picture. There’s usually one girl in the scene, or there can be two, or even more! From skinny short-haired ghetto sluts all the way to ample big booty sisters Ebony Tugs gives you all the sexiest black girl types out there. You can say they are pretty damn good in mlking a cock – and they actually enjoy it. There are tens of exclusive HD episodes inside Ebony Tugs right now, and if for some reason you find it’s not exactly enough, there are 8+ other sites for you to see. Over a thousand videos and almost 500 models in there, how about that? Oh wait, we almost forgot. There’s a special section here which lets you submit your own interracial handjob story and see it filmed!

Ebony Tugs is a cool new site blending interracial sex and handjobs. And big dick porn, too! Through the site’s exclusive super high resolution videos, you’ll be able to recreate the experience of kicking back and letting a hot, horny, ebony princess with an attitude work your cock till it spurts your entire load over her cute black face and huge Nubian cans. Great exclusive HD content right here, plus some nice extras, so you can be sure it’s a great deal. Find out for yourself right now!

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