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Facesitting Lovers

Facesitting Lovers

Review date: 6-Aug-2014 08:56. Do you like powerful women so much you’re ready to stay at their feet ready to follow their orders and please them in any way you may want? How about repositioning yourself a bit then so that her delicious crotch is grinded all the way into your face? Let your face sitting and queening fantasies run wild at Facesitting Lovers, a brand new site with a lot to show. Kinky and sexy at the same time!

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Facesitting Lovers

Intro promises:
We told you good days for fans of kinky porn with a femdom flavor are coming. Here’s yet another bit of evidence to support that. Anyway, we wouldn’t lie to you, would we? Facesitting Lovers is yet another gem from the bunch of brand new sites on the kinky side which got launched recently. It’s really fresh and you can easily be among the first fans of femdom and queening themed porn to check it out – which is always a good feeling, right? Facesitting Lovers specializes in sexed up, nasty, domineering women who use male faces and mouths for their pleasures – which is never too vanilla. Whether it is just grinding away till that pussy squirts juice all over that face, or using a dildo gag, or making the dirty bastard worship her feet by shoving them into his filthy mouth, or any combination of the three, be sure these sessions will be really special. The site has a design with a classic feel which lets you watch quite a few video trailers and feast your eyes on the neatly put header with picture samples before you proceed to the actual content. The pricing options are also listed and explained on the tour, and this feels like a site which cares about its members already. Let’s get inside and see these lovely ladies in some mean facesitting action, shall we?

Ready to have your face used as a sexual object? Facesitting Lovers looks well put together and kinda quiet, but once you start watching and downloading, the site explodes right into your face like the hotspot of kink that it is. A few dozen of episodes are available already, and the site probably hasn’t seen its first update yet. In other words, it will only get better soon. Episodes got short, nicely written stories, pictures and movies bundled together. You can watch the movies in three quality modes, 360p, 480p, and 720p. In fact, they look pretty damn good in any resolution. The picture is fresh, the colors and the crispness are there, and all the details of the scene are perfectly visible. The same goes for the pictures. Facesitting Lovers features thrilling scenes of sexy femdom with a whole lot of techniques used. The Mistresses are fresh-looking, hot and often show quite a bit of skin. The guys get it in just so many ways, dildo gags included. There is always a bit of diversity here and there, maybe a nice-looking pair of stockings, or boots, or really great closeups with these pink curtains closing over the guys’ eyes. You can feel the Mistresses are really into it and there is no doubt in the fact that they actually get off on all the facial abuse they're doing here.

Facesitting Lovers should work for any fan of queening out there. Providing a fresh angle on the whole facesitting thing, the site features original, exclusive episodes in real nice quality. The air thickens as great-looking Mistresses are coming up with new ways of sensual domination for their eager male slaves. Nice filming and creativity in kinky submission make Facesitting Lovers a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Very much worth the admission fee; we’ll be waiting for updates which hopefully will happen soon.

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