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Fake Hub

Fake Hub

Review date: 6-Sep-2017 12:31. Do you like pornos where a girl gets tricked into doing something she had no idea she would end up doing? All these fake castings, made up TV shows, and turns out there are even pretend hospitals. Turns out there is a network that lets you access as many of 6 of these fine fun sites, and all for a price of a single site membership. If that’s not a great deal, we don’t know what is!

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Fake Hub

Intro promises:
Now this is why we think European porn is awesome. Looks like people are really chilled out over there. So is the legislation. You can do so many different things to people out in the open, all of these things nasty – and nobody will bother you. This is why all the best reality and casting pornos are filmed in Europe, or better still, in Eastern Europe. There, sluts only care about cash and if the bitches get a little abuse while getting what they want, that’s just fine. Do you know all these sites with Fake in their name? Like Fake Agent, also Fake Agent UK, and then Fake Taxi? Turns out there are a few of similar sites run by the same guys. They all share the same basic look – and a cool, crazy concept. There are a few casting sites in the bunch as well, like Female Agent and Public agent. All in all there are 6 sites, and now finally there is a way to see all the hundreds of mind-blowing videos that they have without having to shell out a lot of money. Fake Hub is their network hub (duh), and the site offers a pretty awesome deal. All their sites seem to be worthwhile, but who has that kind of money to buy 6 porn site memberships, really? We know we don’t. So now that Fake Hub is here, we want to check out all the awesomeness these guys have to offer.

So, what do we have here? Don’t let the name trick you by the way. Fake Hub is not really fake – as a hub, we mean. It is a completely genuine site that offers you a great deal. You can now watch thousands of original exclusive videos and not pay a fortune. What’s more genuine than that? Fake Hub offers an easy way to browse all the amazing videos that these 6 sites have. There are a lot of episodes, and each video is around 30 minutes long, or even more. Can you imagine how much fun you are in for here? Also, their stuff is pretty crazy. The Fake Hospital site, for instance, it’s some really borderline shit, with pretend doctors giving hot stupid girls plenty of bullshit about how they need to lock the room and the girls need to pull their pants down etc. In almost every episode, there’s a fun twist or a crazy plot or things like that. It’s all super fun! You can browse the newest updates, or go explore this archive site after site, or have a look at the model catalog and pick girls you like. All of them are super hot and very gullible and very European. They get tricked into so many filthy things here. The shooting style is all reality, sometimes POV, not really glamorous, but with a strong feeling of real. Across the network, the updates take place every day. You can download everything in its original quality and also easily access from your mobile phone or tablet. This is definitely one of the hottest porn deals of 2015 so far!

Get your freak on with the most gullible Eurosluts who get tricked into believing people in front of them are casting agents or doctors – and then the silly bitches get fucked hard! Fake Hub is a great way to check out 6 sites for the price of one. Here, it’s especially worth it because the sites are all original, the content is in-house, and the action is just out of control. See Fake Hub now and find out why it’s one of the best porn deals of the year!

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