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Fatty Game

Fatty Game

Review: You still think cute plump girls are innocent? Think again! At Fatty Game, young chubby hotties are sent on missions to fuck random men in exchange for cash or other favors. See how dirty and mischievous they can get using their chubby charms to get cock and cum all over them! Fatty Game is endless fun, lots of BBW sex and superior HD content!

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Fatty Game

Intro promises:
Pretty damn unbelievable, but there’s even one more BBW site in our today’s batch that we would like you to know about. Oh, we totally would. This one is dirty, daring, challenging, and full of action as usual. And HD quality movies as well. Fatty Game is in the spotlight, guys, check it out. The site gives us a whole new angle on these cute plump girls. It brings out their slutty side letting them get fucked silly and earn themselves some cash or other goodies. Fatty Game is all about sending hot fat girls on a mission to get it on with some random guy – and watching every single second of it. It’s real, and apparently it does turn the girls on so much. The concept is that there’s a girl, she gets this quest, the description of which you see written on the piece of paper she’s holding in the beginning, and then we follow her from the very start all the way to the end when she’s sore and wet with sweat and cum. As usual, the site experience starts with this totally nice free zone loaded with preview pictures and other stuff. The preview pictures are big and lots of content details are given, so proceeding all the way into the member area felt totally easy and natural. Well, let’s see these brave fat hotties earn some dough with their sex skills here!

Let’s get this game started, huh? As of now, Fatty Game has a few dozens episodes inside, all exclusive, of course. We’re sure the site will be updated regularly with new exclusive stuff; after all, these guys are known not to fuck around with their sites. Anyway, the member area of Fatty Game lets you watch all the content comfortably and make use of the site’s extra features as well. There’s a bit of interactivity thrown in as well, like rating episodes and commenting on them. You can even see some comments in the free area already. Also, you get to access the other two BBW-themed sites we have already reviewed here, as part of your bonus offer. Nice! Fatty Game has 30-minute long videos the highest quality of which is WMV HD, 1080p. During this time, a lot happens. You see the girl get her quest, go out to town to find someone matching her mission objective, then some talking, and then they go somewhere for spontaneous, natural, unpredictable BBW fucking. It’s all right in your face, the HD movies have so much detail you will feel right there, where the girl is shy and horny at the same time, willing to complete her dirty mission but being weirded out a bit. The girls are on the young, plump side mostly. You will love watching them in action, there’s a lot of heavy loving here!

Fatty Game is yet another BBW site with a fun concept about it. You will totally enjoy watching next door plumpers getting sent on a mission to fuck someone random – and succeeding. Mission is absolutely possible, and it always ends in tons of hardcore uncensored BBW sex. These 30-minute long episodes feel like short films, they got everything, characters, plots, all this stuff. And remember, with the genuine 1080p HD resolution, you will have your face rubbed in huge BBW boobs, meaty hungry pussies and bootylicious asses for hours!

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