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Foot Worship

Foot Worship

Review: Are you into dominant women who use their delightful feet, soles and toes to create powerful erotic experiences resulting in earth-shattering orgasms for anybody with even a bit of foot fetish? Then we have the ultimate site for you here, the kind of site which will literally ruin you for other sites. Introducing Foot Worship from, brand new and killing it! Find out more now.

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Foot Worship

Intro promises:
Female feet have this really enchanting and captivating quality about them, don’t they? We’re not sure what exactly makes us crave all these graceful and beautiful arches, toes and soles – but whatever it is, it’s so damn strong. Foot fetish erotica is such a delicate thing; we guess our perfect recipe would be ladies who are into it, some sexy footwear and nylons, some female domination, and footjobs, of course. It’s not that easy to find perfection here, but looks like we’ve found it., the pioneers and leaders of kinky adult entertainment, have launched Foot Worship just recently. The site is targeted at everybody who is into sexy feet, even not in the darkest meaning of this whole foot fetish thing. In other words, you don’t have to be an insane kinkster and a total pervert to be able to appreciate these very well-filmed, engaging and creative feet-themed videos. The tour follows the standards of other sites letting you preview quite a bit of material which comes wrapped into this simple, classy, efficient design sites are famous for. And the video trailer, oh dear lord, it’s a real cinematic masterpiece. Make sure you check it out. Mixing retro, fetish, erotic tease and kinky foot sex, it just blows your mind, almost literally, too. Foot Worship makes you expect a lot with its tour, let’s see how much of it you actually get inside.

Did we say Foot Worship makes you expect a lot? We totally did, right. Well, check this out, what you get is in fact more than you had expected. How is this even possible? We’re not sure. But the site just keeps rocking your world with each new episode. This is so much more than your average feet-themed erotica. Each and every episode has its own style, story, and setting. The whole thing is the result of Maitresse Madeline’s scrupulous work of finding sexy ladies with a talent for foot-fetish performances – and she’s just impeccable at this, no questions here. Styled to look quirky, teasing, retro, hardcore SM or anything else, these videos are impossible to stop watching. They come in several formats including mobile-friendly MP4 and stellar quality WMV HD. All of these are downloadable, and there are super high resolution photo galleries as well. From very original foot fetish tease with nylon, paint, fruit and more used to enhance your experience all the way to rough, kinky, uncensored foot fetish fucking, Foot Worship keeps you gripped, interested, and hard throughout its entire catalog. We cannot really believe so much time, creativity, and obviously money was invested into foot fetish porn, but it’s true – and it’s awesome as well. Admire yet another knockout result of’s creative efforts and treat your inner foot fetishist to something really special and quite unforgettable!

Foot Worship is the perfect foot freak’s destination. From rougher, more femdom-themed foot fetish action to relatively innocent foot play and wet hardcore foot fetish fucking, the site just keeps dishing out awesome stuff. Solo girls, girl-only scenes, guy on girl scenes, the place has it all. Yet another flawless production, Foot Worship is a must see for anyone even remotely into feet. We have never seen a foot fetish site so diverse and just awesome from each and every point of view!

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