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Footdom Videos

Footdom Videos

Review date: 27-Mar-2013 04:21. These girls may have lovely faces and beautiful breasts, but their real strength lies in their feet. In every possible meaning, too! Fetish Network did it again. Introducing Footdom Videos, a brand new foot worship, foot slapping and hard footjob site. It’s their newest family member, and with 40+ sites in their network right now, it’s the premium grade destination for all kinksters.

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Footdom Videos

Intro promises:
Are you into beautiful female feet? Oh, some ladies do know how to use their sweet soles and tasty toes for maximum pleasure. But don’t think it’s all for you, sucker! Foot fetish games always feel great with a bit of domination thrown in there – or not even a bit. The better you worship her royal feet, the more chances you have to get off, with their help or even right on them. We could spend all day fantasizing about worshipping the feet of some hot adventurous girl. But why fantasize when you have something as awesome as Footdom Videos right here? This brand new foot worship video site is a product of the much renowned Fetish Network. You probably know this huge and awesome adult entertainment brand. We love these guys, they’re all about varied, engaging online erotica with more than a pinch of kink to it. Right now, we’re talking 40+ in their network, and it’s not exactly a network, it’s a perversion encyclopedia! Back to Footdom Videos, it’s a site specializing in foot worship of all kinds, plus foot slapping, and footjobs as well, if the guy earns it! Preview the episodes and play the video trailer in the site’s tour area built according to the finest Fetish Network traditions. These guys are known for their blend of raw, pervy, and real, so let’s get in for more!

Now that you are inside, it’s time to realize what an awesome place Fetish Network really is. Any full membership gets you unlimited access to all of their goodies, and with 40+ sites in there now, you know there are a lot. They also promise 2 new sites every month, so you see how fast this thing is growing. Back to Footdom Videos, the site has the trademark look and feel of Fetish Network. The videos have this unglamorized, raw look, and they seem to feature people who are really into the site’s theme, not just some random paid performers. You’ll see all sorts of very special unique next door girls giving some lucky dudes the foot worship time of their lives. In a typical video, the guy would be on the floor and the lady would be above him, using her smooth long legs and delicious feet to trample his body and face, slap his sack and do all other dirty little things which send the power message and make a foot lover happy. There are photos and videos bundled together here, and even though the content quality probably doesn’t reach the levels of all these modern HD sites, everything is quite enjoyable inside Footdom Videos. It’s not about the pixels, it’s about understanding the niche and offering real, believable, engaging stories of kinky experimental sex. And here, Fetish Network is ready to rock your world.

Get ready for some fresh foot worshipping porn with Footdom Videos. The site, a brand new labor of love from Fetish Network, features beginner foot mistresses giving their servants the time of their life. Without getting too dark or too vanilla, Footdom Videos balances on this line between kinky and doable. Mild foot fetish sex, trampling and an occasional footjob plus lots of other goodies which will make a foot worshipper happy, this is what Footdom Videos has in store for you. Get inside now and start exploring all the gems of the Fetish Network sites!

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