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Free Amateur Passport

Free Amateur Passport

Review date: 29-Sep-2020 10:49. Yes, there is a little bit of a catch when you read the word ‘Free’ in this context. But also, yes, you can get free access to a site that has genuine amateur content. You will need to sign up and give your details and then read the small print.

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Free Amateur Passport

Intro promises:
You actually sign up for the network that this little site is part of, and then if you are canny, you cancel that free membership before the trial period expires and keep this free membership, so you don’t have to pay anything. However, if you don’t cancel in time you get charged around $40.00 per month until you do. So, yes, it’s possible, but watch out. When you have accessed the site though, you find a collection of videos and galleries that take genuine amateurs as its theme. Genuine as opposed to auditioning or looking for porn work amateurs; so selfies and home-shot videos, galleries of girls posing in front of mirrors and the like. And also some newbies and amateur porn models, so a bit of a mix. The videos come with streams and downloads, there are some HD movies, mixed galleries and then a page that suggests other site you might like to sign up to. It’s a bit of a limited members’ area but then you are getting it for free. Once inside you will see that there are two menus. The yellow one is for VIPs and those are the folk who sign up and pay for the All Access Network, the site/network that you get signed up to if you don’t cancel before your trial runs out. You may want to sign up to that anyway and, if you do, you get access to loads more content with hundreds of amateur movies and pics, and then all kinds of other movies and feeds, a bonus DVD theatre and loads of extras. And then you have the grey top menu and that is the one for Free Amateur Passport.

Here you find the content that you have now got to play with. It’s set out in index pages that are clear enough and easy to read, you can change the amount of content you see per page and its order, and you can see how many views and rates each thing has. Content is shown with its publication date. Movies come on viewing pages where there are simple download choices, usually Mobile, then two choices of MP4. There is a streaming player which will go full screen and a slider of thumbnails so you can jump through. Galleries come with different ways to view the thumbnails, easy browsing and zip files. To the left of your main page you will see a further menu and lists of items; some of these are only open to VIP members, but you should have access to them during your trial period. Similarly there is a right hand menu of model lists, what’s playing and what’s coming soon. The whole members’ area works well and runs in a simple, template, design, but be aware that you can't always access all of it unless you pay the full price. I counted 49 videos and 47 photo sets when I was looking at the site and updates had been happening in the weeks before my visit. That’s not a lot of content and when you consider that the VIP collection was stating 2,861 pieces of content in its Ex-girlfriend category alone, you realise that although you might be able to wangle this site for free, there is not a lot to it and you are probably better off with the full price membership. But even if you do go down the free route, you should find updates and easy viewing of the content that is available. Not all of it is real amateur footage though. There are some scenes here that really look studio produced, but then there are some clips that don’t. And the same goes for the galleries where some are well shot and posed, glamour shoots almost, and others are girls at home with their own phones and cams. So, it’s a small but mixed collection of amateur looking content that’s a decent enough quality. And you get various ways to view it. Videos come with a stream and the ones I found were all H264 MP4, and some of them were HD. Others were standard quality but they went full screen without too much loss of quality. There were often three options for downloads, with a mobile version, the HD MP4 when available and then a more standard one at 640 x 480 @ 580 kbps, and runtimes were between five and 20 minutes. Those specs will vary depending on the age of the clip that’s been posted. Images were up at good sizes when fully enlarged, and the quality was maintained, though they start off scaled down so as to fit your page. I’d say that this content was amateur looking, but possibly professionally made, and rather thin on the ground in terms of numbers. There are no bonuses unless you pay for the VIP access in which case that comes with loads of extras, DVDs, Feeds and much more content but as you are paying for it, it’s not really a bonus!

Swings and roundabouts: yes, you can get free access if you play your cards right and check the small print, and the site looks like it is updating. But there is not a lot of content and you are probably better off taking the full network access and paying for it as you get a load of neat stuff when you do. The quality is ok here though I would say a lot of this is studio made, professionally shot amateur porn, rather than genuine, though there is some of that. It’s an easy site Free Amateur Passport to use and has some nice extra functions to it, it all works well and looks fine.

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