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Review: Fubilov stands for guess what, fuck you bitch I leaked our video. The site is as cheeky and hot as its name when deciphered, you know! From mirror sluts and real life campus whores all the way to super hot private sex tapes, Fubilov does not beat about the bush when it comes to exposing girlfriends and ex-girlfriends who just need to be exposed. This is world class girlfriend stuff!

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Intro promises:
Some girlfriends are so hot you really feel the need to brag about them to the entire world – by showing some hot footage with them, of course. And who cares if she hates the whole idea. Even better, especially if you feel like getting back at her after she’s been a total bitch to you! It’s a real win win thing here; the world gets to see a hot slut going wild, and you get to have your sweet bit of revenge. If you can relate to this whole thing, Fubilov is a site which is here to help. Not maybe to help in a relationship counseling sort of way, but help by offering hundreds of leaked sex tapes, mirror shoots, webcam recordings and other sexy footage made at home – and leaked! The name of the site sounds kinda weird, but only until you find out what it means. Fuck you, bitch, I leaked our video! These are the words the guys are saying after they submit their once very private videos to Fubilov – and this is what the name actually stands for. The site has a very neat-looking, fresh and modern design which sort of made us feel they’re all serious when it comes to churning out copious amounts of amateur porn. Not like other sites which explode with adspeak and have crap inside, you know. Let’s see how true it all is.

So, have you ever said these magic words – fuck you, bitch, I leaked our video? After you see what Fubilov is all about inside, you will really want to! We liked the site’s approach to things. Obviously it’s built and maintained by guys who mean business and are all about satisfying their customer – us, gf porn fans. They invested a lot in everything, in getting the freshest content, in wrapping it all in a pretty-looking and user friendly design, and in making sure the whole thing runs fast and lets you download with top speed. The site offers hundreds of items already and it seems like the whole collection grows bigger every week. Actually, the whole thing grows bigger every day if we mean the whole 8+ site network you’ll get access to for no extra charge. Fubilov has a somewhat glamorous, hi-class feel to it. Most of the content comes in really high resolution, and features girls who are fresh, young and beautiful. They’re also hot as hell and they never mind getting down and dirty! It’s all for real, from girls fooling around on webcams for their boyfriends to full-on fucking scenes set in bedroom, bathroom, car, public areas and just about anywhere else. The site offers a no-hassle experience and was real fun to browse. In the gf and ex-gf porn scene, this does not happen with every site out there, you know!

Fubilov is a site with an unusual name and unusually high quality standards for its niche, gf and ex-gf sex tapes, webcam footage, mirror shots and more. The site is almost like an upscale restaurant where your favorite dishes are just done right. Get in there for tons of really good-looking and sexy shoots next door beauties made – and their boyfriends leaked. It’s fun all over the place, and your account here comes with unlimited access to 8+ bonus sites and a whole load of other goodies. See it all now!

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