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Game for Gay

Game for Gay

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:06. Not enough thrills in today’s gay adult entertainment for you? This will make you feel so much better. Introducing Game for Gay, a kickass gay reality porn site with so much inspiring stuff packed into relatively brief episodes. Imagine horny gay guys sent on an assignment to pop some straight cherry! One way or another, they gotta hook up with innocent straight guys! It’s too much fun.

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Game for Gay

Intro promises:
Hey, gay porn fans, feeling a bit bored? You should be. Well, not that you actually should be, but we feel most of the recent stuff is lacking imagination, you know. Of course, it’s always fun to check out some hot beefcake, some delish-looking uncut dicks in action, but sometimes you need more than that. Sometimes you need Game for Gay, this is what we think right now. Lucky, you, you don’t know anything about it yet, and you’re in for so many thrills! Game for Gay is a site launched with a bunch of others by a company we know and love for its reality slash something sites. Game for Gay features gay guys sent on a mission by the site’s crew, and the mission’s objective is hook up and have sex with a straight male of the crew’s choice. The gay cock sluts are driven by lust, greed, all of the above, it’s not really important. What is important that they have to work their way around the walls of straightness guys build around them. And they usually do! In other words, the site features straight to gay sexual adventures wrapped in a nice reality style package. The design looks really great and has huge, crystal clear sample pictures as well as fun to read stories. Get in the mood for some very special straight to gay escapades, and you’ll be willing to enter Game for Gay in no time at all.

Some sites really sell themselves in the tour but when it comes to actual content, they just underdeliver. Game for Gay is not like that at all. Built and maintained by people who care about their members, this all-new gay reality porn hotspot features everything you like about good sites so much. The starting package (and mind you, you may be easily reading this before the site’s official launch) includes several dozen exclusive episodes – in original high definition quality, of course. Pictures? You got them, in terrific quality as well. Mobile-friendly movies, streaming videos, HD WMV downloads? Yes, sir. What exactly happens in these episodes? Well, the main character, i.e. the gay guy, usually has a piece of paper with his task written on it. He shows it to you and goes to accomplish his assignment. Filmed outdoors, indoors, in public locations, private homes, in the country, in the streets, parks and just about anywhere else, these movies create a very special atmosphere. After some resistance, the straight cherry gets popped, and as long as it’s the guy’s first time, you’re in for some incredibly hot and natural man on man sex! Game for Gay couldn’t be any better, really. A great concept, then great content, and then a very value-packed membership with two other gay sites included. That’s jackpot, baby! Make sure you check out this great place before everybody else does.

Game for Gay is brand spanking new, and it’s exciting as fuck. The site is dedicated to reality straight to gay fucking with a competitive flavor to it. Will the gay guy be able to accomplish his mission and hook up with a man who has never fucked another man before? Find out for yourself, Game for Gay has everything necessary for that. Flawlessly filmed content with varied locations, plots and men comes in high definition and a convenient choice of formats. The site will rock your world right away – and so will the two other sites coming as bonus! Check out this awesomeness right now, do it!

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