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Japan Hardcore Movies

Japan Hardcore Movies

Review: Simple can be beautiful and at Japan Hardcore Movies there's beauty everywhere. The tour isn't flashy or overwhelming; they just put forth their collection of movies and trust that the high volume of Japanese porn will get you interested in what they have to offer.

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Japan Hardcore Movies

Intro promises:
The huge selection of interesting categories (cum inside, pissing, no hair, role play, etc) are fun and there's a list of models so you can search for your favorite ladies. They promise unlimited downloads, Flash streaming, and multiple formats for the curious Japanese porn lovers.

The simple format continues inside. The eight most recently added movies are on the main page and below that you can browse to another 104 pages of movies that are organized by date. They list the categories for each scene and you'll find a full list of categories along the left side of the page if you want to get specific with your Japanese porn desires. There's also a keyword search function. Click on a scene and you can stream it immediately in the high quality Flash player or you can download in WMV and MP4. They have a high definition format and one meant for your iPod or other portable player. They don't offer much information on the scenes other than nine small screenshots. That should be enough, but their desire to keep it simple is a little frustrating in that regard. The streaming helps though. The range of categories is impressive and with more than 1181 movies to enjoy you should have a full and pleasurable experience as a member of Japan Hardcore Movies. As the name suggests they're pretty much all in the hardcore realm and as far as I can tell there's no censoring. You can see the category list on the tour and you should check it out. They have all the standard stuff and they get pretty specific in some cases. There's a healthy collection of role play and costume scenes where nurses, teachers, schoolgirls, maids, and more get fucked. The gangbang scenes are endlessly thrilling as girls get pumped hard with dick. You can see girls get their pussies shaved and fucked by hard dicks. There are plenty of shaved sluts, by the way. There are also hairy girls. The number of big boob models is impressive. It's a strong site that offers plenty for the $29.99 access fee they're asking.

The only major drawback, as mentioned above, is that you're not given enough information about each scene. They put something in a fetish category but don't get specific about what fetish or what makes it that naughty. That information would be useful. Other than that it's a good site with uncensored Japanese hardcore porn in a variety of categories. The fucking is intense and the women beautiful. They get guys off and they play with the cum because it makes them feel good. They are sluts and they delight in the attention they get for being so. The price is good and the content is all downloadable so you'll come away with a good collection if you want.

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