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Japan Studs

Japan Studs

Review: Feel like some hot gay sex action with an exotic flavor? Japan Studs uncovers the naughty habits of all sorts of smooth, fit, sex-hungry guys from all over Japan. The site covers solo, couple and threesome action and offers really great-looking videos with hot Asian guys you’ll fall for immediately. Check it out and make sure you have a look at the big gay site network Japan Studs is part of!

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Japan Studs

Intro promises:
A lot of things are done differently over in Japan. In fact, most things, if not all, are quite different there. Still, there’s at least one thing about Japan that is not exactly that different but will be really pleasant for you to discover. The country is full of hot fresh-looking men who have great tight bodies and incredible appetite for sex with other hot fresh-looking men! And here the difference thing comes in. We bet you have always wanted to find out about what kind of cock-stroking and ass-fucking habits studs from Japan could have. With Japan Studs, a brand new Asian gay porn site launched within the Epic Male network, this just couldn’t be easier. The site’s flashy, busy-looking tour is a great way to preview all the amazing stuff both Japan Studs and the whole network are able to offer. Apparently the site covers masturbation, hardcore man on man sex and threesomes with equal attention and dedication. We’re pretty sure just one look at what these guys look like and how they get themselves and other exotic studs off will make you want to see the whole thing up close and for real. And you should! From what we can see on the tour, Japan Studs is a hi-grade, trustworthy site which offers plenty of value and has fresh, relevant, exclusive content to offer. Let’s have a closer look.

The tour in the public part of Japan Studs gives a pretty accurate idea of what the site looks and feels like inside. A lot of stuff is packed into every page, and the site manages to lay out its own as well as network episodes and features in front of you really well. This is a new network and an even newer site but we are already talking hundreds of items here. Japan Studs obviously features Japanese guys only while other network sites feature white, black and other men in a great deal of diverse action. Every episode here runs for around 20 minutes or so, and a few streaming and downloading options are available including high definition MPEG downloads and lower resolution WMVs for those who have older connections or just don’t feel like waiting. With every episode, you also get around 200 high resolution photos. We really liked the content, you can see these people are into what they are doing. They bring out the hottest features, sex habits and kinks of these fit, sexy, sex-hungry Japanese men, whenever it’s jacking off or pounding that ass we are talking about. Both solo and couple or group pieces are very engaging and watchable and you’ll never get boring checking out some Japanese beefcake in their trademark man on man sex action. And don’t forget the network goodies, there are a lot of them!

If you got a thing for hot, well-built, sexually adventurous Japanese men, check out Japan Studs and load your system with fresh HD videos and photos the site offers. These guys know how to get off! Watch them stroke their juicy Asian dicks and pound some delish Asian ass with equal passion – and with lots of flavor, too. This is a very fresh site and it’s great as a standalone product and as part of the Epic Male network. A very strong statement on the gay porn market for sure, and we hope this whole thing keeps growing! Check it out!

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