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Review date: 23-Nov-2012 04:32. If you enjoy girl on girl porn and think most sites lack that special feeling and emotion these days, we got Lesbea here for you. This new site brings together real life beauties and let them have all the fun they can, with no faking, real orgasms, and minimal toy usage. That’s right, it’s mostly deep kissing, pussy fingering and lesbian oral sex here! Plus, all content comes in HD!

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Intro promises:
Lesbian porn has been a popular genre for what feels like ages. Nothing surprising about this, really. Looks like two (or maybe more) hot girls getting it on with each other is something which appeals to so many people! But is lesbian porn always made right? It’s definitely not. If you ever want to find out how to make lesbian porn right, we have an example for you right here. A perfect example, a paragon, one might say. There is this new site called Lesbea, and it did take our girl on girl porn cravings to a whole new level. In fact, we’re even having trouble referring to this whole thing as porn. Wait and you’ll find out why! Lesbea is a fresh site which is new to the lesbian scene – but looks as if it can become really popular real soon. It specializes in sensual, realistic, intimate girl on girl sex which is as close to what actually happens between lesbian lovers as possible. Forget all these fake plasticky scenes where bored bitches push toys into each other and pretend to moan from pleasure. Lesbea will show you how different lesbian porn can be. Not so much toy usage here, but a lot of real orgasms, deep kissing you can’t really fake, closeups of pussies soaked with genuine juice of love, and plenty of other details which tell you how real and not staged this whole thing is. Oh, and there’s plenty of class to the entire thing as well! See the tour, it has quite a stylish look, and there are a whole bunch of sample episodes with video trailers.

Lesbea is quite a bit of revolution in contemporary lesbian porn, that’s for sure. The site does a great job of making each and every component of your member experience very enjoyable. The member area design takes its style from the minimalist and classy-looking tour area. Things are kept simple and stylish here, with a black background and stunning, colorful, very visually appealing videos in genuine 1080p HD. These are available for smaller devices as well as for your laptop or maybe even your home cinema. Really, these films do look very good. The photos are no slouch either, and on the whole, Lesbea is pretty well set in the tech department. But surprisingly this is not the strongest side of this place. First and most of all, Lesbea is all about real chemistry between the girls, the kind of chemistry that makes them deep-kiss, touch and caress each other all over, and play with each other’s soaked pussies till both explode in mind-blowing orgasms. We have never seen lesbian sex scenes so openly intimate, so beautiful, and so ultimately satisfying. The way these episodes look, it has a healthy bit of glamour about it, but at the end of the day you always know these are real girls, beauties from next door who may dress up in their fanciest lingerie, but who still are very real and very reachable. All in all, Lesbea is very honest, very cinematic, and very satisfying.

If you are hungry for honest, visually rich, chemistry-filled lesbian erotica which is almost too fine to be called porn, check out Lesbea right here. This site comes packed with high definition videos of which you get more 3 times a week. With lovely girls who have this next door beauty you’ll love, and hot, sensual lesbian sex which never gets tacky or stupid, Lesbea is pretty much in the lead right now. Give the site the attention it deserves and load your computer or your mobile device with these very special videos – you’ll be rewatching them over and over!

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