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Life Selector

Life Selector

Review date: 31-Oct-2012 16:23. You’ve heard people mention interactive porn, but before you see Life Selector, you really have no idea what this entire interactive porn thing is all about. Forget weird-looking 3D graphics and other stuff which really only makes it less fun, not more fun. Life Selector has it all as real life action where you can make choices and build your very own story, a new twist every time!

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Life Selector

Intro promises:
Recently certain efforts have been made to make adult entertainment more interactive. We very much appreciate that as porn consumers, not having to follow all these more than basic stories porn people come up with, it’s pretty cool. But how real is all this stuff anyway? We mean, yeah, you can build some sort of a 3D character and somehow program the whole thing so that something remotely close to your fantasy will happen. But 3D graphics? Leave it for gamer kids. Time has come for something really special – and real, too. More than real, better than real! Life Selector is a site we came across recently and in a few dozen seconds we had to look for our jaws on the floor. This is something totally different from what you have seen. How do we put this into one sentence, really? The site lets you choose a character for yourself, like a cop, a photographer, a gardener and a few other types, and go through sexual adventures which were filmed in reality – but here, you can make choices at important story points and take the story and the action where you want it to go. This is some awesome shit right here. Check the tour to understand better how it works. There are previews, too. You can choose between shorter and longer ‘games’ and play each of them making different choices each time. Imagine doing what you want to these horny pornstars, not what the director had in mind!

Seriously, Life Selector totally blew us away. Let us explain the concept in more detail. There are tens and tens of so-called shows in here. Each show is essentially a story which you can go through making decisions on your way, like what kind of sex to have next or what to say to the girl or where to go etc. The stories can be longer or shorter, one thing about them is always here. They’re just nothing short of fantastically engaging. Each story is some sort of real situation, like a wife leaving you or some office stuff going on or casual encounters or adventures of a rockstar or a car wash hookup. Literally, anything is possible. As the story progresses, you face choices. To make a choice, you need to have a certain amount of credits you get after you register. We absolutely recommend you to, as this pretty much feels like the best-crafted adult product of all times. We can’t believe this much effort was actually put into this. Filming all these stories and every branch of the narrative and selecting all these pornstars and locations and outfits… Shit, this is the ultimate adult entertainment site of all time! The site looks great on bigger screens so get yourself some decent hardware and start playing. These pornstars want you to make the choice now – let her suck on your balls or fuck her in the ass?

Life Selector may have an uncommon sounding name for an adult site, but as it turns out it’s the best-made and the most entertaining adult site of all time. Starring super hot pornstars which you can see get fucked POV style by, in fact, yourself (well, almost), these interactive films are what the whole porn business really needed. Real, superior-looking, offering plenty of interactivity and tons of hot fun to be had, these shows inside Life Selector will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Don’t miss out on the perfectly balanced, better-than-real, amazingly steamy bit of next generation adult entertainment right here!

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