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Monster Cub

Monster Cub

Review date: 20-May-2023 07:17. Monster Cub is more than just a website - it's a platform that's full of personality and authenticity. Hunter Scott's personal approach to sharing his homemade videos and sexcapades is refreshing, and he goes the extra mile by sharing his thoughts and experiences through his 22-page blog. As a horny, hairy top, Hunter knows how to show a bottom a good time, and he's always looking for new ways to keep his sex and situations fresh.

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Monster Cub

Intro promises:
Hunter Scott, also known as the Monster Cub, is a popular figure in the gay porn industry. As a bear cub top, he has a particular fondness for engaging in steamy encounters with other bears, cubs, chasers, and guys of all shapes and sizes. His homemade videos showcase his insatiable appetite for erotic adventures, and his blog offers a glimpse into his personal life, complete with juicy details of his sexcapades. In addition to his adult content, Hunter also shares his thoughts and experiences on his blog, where he offers advice, tells stories, and interacts with his fans. He has become a beloved figure in the gay community, known for his openness and willingness to share his life with others. If you're a fan of chubby men having sex, bareback action, and erotic stories, then Hunter Scott's Monster Cub blog and videos are a must-see. Join him and his cubs, chubs, and chasers in some of the hottest sex action you'll ever experience.

Welcome to the world of Monster Cub, the site of the infamous Hunter Scott. This former bartender earned his nickname from his customers, who were amazed by his impressive stature and huge belly. As a bear cub top, he's a force to be reckoned with, and his homemade videos showcase his insatiable appetite for sex with other large men. On this site, you'll find a wide variety of videos featuring Monster Cub and his partners. From his current boyfriend Joe to other friends in their thirties, he's always ready to engage in some steamy action. One notable video features him and a young, frail Hector Habib, who gives him a blowjob and gets brutally fucked in the forest. Most of Monster Cub's partners are just as big as he is, so there's always a risk of someone getting crushed under his weight. However, that doesn't stop him from enjoying himself and sharing his experiences with his fans. While the site may not have the largest selection of videos, what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Each video comes with a photo gallery, and the fact that they're all homemade gives them a genuine, authentic feel. If you're interested in becoming a member, there are several options available. You can choose from streaming-only memberships, which come with discounted download credits, or purchase download credits separately. Either way, you'll be able to enjoy all the down and dirty action that Monster Cub has to offer. So come on in and join the fun!

Monster Cub isn't just a website - it's the personal platform of Hunter Scott, a bear porn performer originally from South Carolina who now resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Hunter earned the nickname "Monster Cub" during his time as a bartender, and he's since embraced it as his stage name. At 32 years old, Hunter is a formidable presence, weighing in at 300 pounds with a big belly and solid build from his high school wrestling days. He's got a signature facial hair style, often sporting a goatee, and has dark hair with a furry chest, belly, and beefy ass. His thick, decent-sized dick is just one of the many attributes that make him a top performer in the industry. While Hunter is known for his love of bears, cubs, and chasers, he's not limited to just those categories. He enjoys playing with a variety of guys, and his homemade videos showcase his diverse interests and sexual adventures. In addition to his videos, Hunter also offers extras on his site, including photo galleries, blog posts, and advice columns. He's become a beloved figure in the gay community, known for his openness and willingness to share his life with others. In conclusion, Monster Cub is more than just a website - it's the personal brand of Hunter Scott, a talented and versatile performer in the bear porn industry. With his impressive physique, signature facial hair, and insatiable appetite for sex, he's become a fan favorite. So if you're looking for some down and dirty action with a genuine, authentic performer, Monster Cub is the site for you.

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