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My Boobs

My Boobs

Review date: 23-Jul-2020 04:50. With its reducing membership after your first month and its European flavour, the combined access to 11 hot sites and great theme, My Boobs looks all set to be an original winner. It has a great looking tour with a really neat design, lots of sample images of big busty women and a neat look to it that is dark and inviting.

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My Boobs

Intro promises:
Once you are inside however, all the dark and interesting stuff disappears and you end up with a very basic set of sites. Easy to navigate but so simple as to, sadly, almost be uninteresting. Read on for a fuller description. First though, what is this site all about? Well, it’s about Polish girls with big tits, to put it bluntly. These are BBW, white women, and European ladies all with jugs to die for. They lick their nipples, squeeze and play with their tits and generally hang out with everything hanging out. There are some other slight fetishes involved, such as nylon wearing, leather and PVC wearing, boots, and there are some scenes with two girls together, but most of the time you are looking at solo girls with huge tits and they are presented in simple downloads and galleries. What can I say? Well, whatever I say it will not take me long to say it. I loved the look of the tour at his set and was really looking forward to the members’ area as I assumed it would be like the tour. Sadly no, it is white and basic. There is absolutely no interactivity and only the very basic of tools to help you navigate and view. In one way that’s fine as it means you have to hassles and nothing cluttering up your pages. But on the other hand it means the site is so simple as to make it dull. You log in to the main portal page for all 11 sites and this is one blank screen with Movies and Pictures as your only two icons and one top banner. Click, say, Movies and you come to a page showing banners of each of the sites. You then select your site and find a list of girls, with images. Click one and you then find another page with her movies set out with a thumbnail and title. Click this and your download starts. That’s it. The galleries are just as simple and un-interactive: thumbnails leading to full screen images that you can right click and ‘save as’, that’ about all the help you get. Also, there was no model index, no rates, comments, no upload dates and no way to get in touch with the site if you have trouble. And I did have trouble: after a few minutes the site froze up and timed out and I was unable to get from one page to the other.

From the main home page select Movies and then find your site from the page of banners. At My Boobs there were 34 models with at least one movie each. In the photos area there were the same 34 models with various amounts of photo sets each and around 75 pics per set. You actually get a fair amount of content here and it is all set out in the same simple way. The quality is fine, nothing special and nothing bad, with images up at 535 x 800 and WMV files that came out at 1,280 x 720 @ 2,200 kbps. Videos ran for around five minutes at a time and the visual quality was good. The sound was natural, no strange music or anything, and the girls did what they did. And what they did do was pretty basic. It’s mostly tit play here with some other body exploration stuff and the very occasional clip of two busty women together. A lot of what I saw consisted of an amateur girl on her bed, posing and pouting, thrusting and laying with her massive tits, and that’s about it. So, for tit-play you get what you want, but for variety, well, things can become a little repetitive. There is no news on updates either, so I have no idea if or when anything new will be added. There are no dates, there is no information and the only details you learn are the girls’ names. For video viewing you have only the one choice of download and they all seems to be WMV in the one size. The transfer rate was fast and the files are not large so that’s not a problem, I just found that the content, though exactly as promised, was a little lacklustre for my liking. But hey! You've got ten bonus sites included. And all with horny European girls. Some are porn star sites, some are amateurs, one is back stage, all are big boobs sites and European. They also tend to be very basic in design.

After the modern and good look of the tour I was rather disappointed in the look of the members’ area and found it to be so basic as to be rather boring. Nothing interactive, no information and only one choice for viewing movies, a WMV download. These days we porn-fans demand more and better. But the girls are all natural amateurs and do well in their solo and sometimes lesbian clips, the movies are short but good quality and the photos and vids are collectable enough. 11 sites are included so you get a decent amount of Euro-porn for your membership.

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