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Nuru Network

Nuru Network

Review: As it turns out, the Japanese for slippery is nuru. The word is also used to denote this gel made from some sort of seaweed; this gel is used during massage to create a very special slippery experience. Why would you want to know all that? Because Nuru Network brings you some of the wettest and steamiest full body slippery massage porn videos ever, that's why, you goof! See more now!

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Nuru Network

Intro promises:
There is something about massage-themed erotica that just always keeps us wanting more. We mean, we always want more great smut, but this massage thing, there is a special appeal to it for us. We guess it’s all about massage per se, how the door closes and it’s just you and the masseuse (or a hot girl and the masseur). The rules are very different in this room, it’s all about sensuality, relaxation, and pleasure. And then it’s the sliding, the wetness, the casual nudity… Oh boy! Nuru Network here is a killer site we just found out about. Apparently it’s the Japanese you turn to when you want a full body massage experience. They have this nuru thing going on, which means slippery and at the same time is used to refer to a kind of massage gel which really relaxes you – and the massage when this thing is used as well. The site is basically about gorgeous, teasing, skilled, tattooed masseuses giving guys and girls the time of their lives. Imagine a high profile massage parlor with all sorts of tubs, showers, towels and what not. You come, whether you are a guy or a girl, and this super sexy lady covers you and herself in this gel and just slides over you with all her curves. What does it end with? With you eating her pussy and her taking your load in her mouth or on her big natural rack! This is the massage you have dreamed about this whole time. The tour offers plenty of free video trailers for you to get the inspiration. The site is all class and glamour, so don’t miss a single bit!

Nuru Network may not actually be a network (perhaps they’ll be adding more sites later), but it’s a pretty damn awesome place to be. The design just radiates with glamour, and this is in perfect sync with this location all the site’s action takes place at. We’re talking about this high end massage parlor, the one where you come and just get swayed with young, exotic, sexy tattooed masseuses who will take care of all your pains and discomfort whether you are male or female. Most episodes here do actually feature a female masseuse and a male customer, but some have some super wet and super slippery girl on girl action. The whole idea of a girl getting full body massage from an exotic masseuse just blows us away. Get ready for the wettest experience of your life. These guys just use all the water and all the nuru gel they have. It starts slow but by the end of these 20-minute episodes filmed in original HD it’s hardcore sex all the way. We won’t disclose it all. Nuru Network totally deserves to be experienced on your own. We’ve seen a few of them massage-themed sites, but this one, it’s a real killer. The combination of class, uninhibited and very honest sucking and fucking plus beautiful tattooed masseuses and massages so slippery you want to wipe your screen, it just makes Nuru Network a one of a kind site.

There is porn with a massage element in it, and there is Nuru Network. The site pretty much beats anything we have seen before. It’s so classy, the videos are so original, so high quality and so captivating you will watch them over and over again. Experience the exotic nuru massages in the classiest parlor you could ever visit. These girls will make you forget about everything, and when you see them work their magic and weave their webs of enchantment, you’ll know what we mean. Right now, start enjoying it all, you have a lot of tension in your body!

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