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Review: What exactly do you like fat horny chicks doing more? Sitting on your face? Wrestling? When there’s two of them and they squeeze you between their humongous butts? Well, at Plumperd, all of that happens. This site provides single membership network access to three very special BBW porn sites loaded with mind-blowing high definition videos. Let’s take a look.

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Intro promises:
Ah, big girls, it’s hard not to love them. It just feels like you’re getting more than everybody else, right? Their ample bodies, their delicious curves, their enormous appetite for pleasure, this is what makes them so great. It feels like we haven’t been paying due attention to new BBW porn releases over here. Well, we didn’t know of any recent ones, until we saw Plumperd here. Not exactly a standalone site, this 3-site network gives you access to tons of top notch BBW porn, always with an interesting twist. We hate these so called networks that are nothing more than just a pile of random uninspired content split into sites for the fools out there. No, sir, Plumperd is not like this. This place is where you satisfy your kinky BBW porn cravings with the finest selection there is on the market right now. There’s three sites on the roster at the moment, but we believe there will be more soon. So far it’s BBW Sandwich, BBW Fight Club, and Fat Sitting. Aren’t the names quite self-explanatory? They sort of are. Take a look at the free area of Plumperd to get yourself ready for this all you can eat BBW porn buffet that awaits you. The animated samples are not exactly free video trailers technically, but regardless they give a pretty good idea of what the videos are like. Take it all in as there’s more to take in after you sign up!

Three sites for the price of one, yay! But of course Plumperd is not your typical bullshit network where you are supposed to go crazy over how much stuff there’s in there not paying attention to the fact that most or even all of this stuff is actually crap. This is gourmet material right here. Every possible factor is at its highest possible level. Cute, ultra sexy, very horny plumb girls. Oh yeah. These heavyweight hotties are not just hungry for all kinds of dick, but they can also perform on camera. Check out that wrestling site, it’s real crazy. Naked, sweaty, worked up, armed with sex toys, they are ready to fight and fuck each other into the ground. It’s just madness! They perform so well. Other sites are gems, too. In the one about threesomes, you will see lucky dudes literally sandwiched between two sex-starved plumpers. Oh there’s nothing more they like more than a good sandwich! The performance is equally great there as well. The site about facesitting is quite great, too. You will enjoy watching these helpless faces just pretty much disappear under the giant butts and the wet horny cracks of these fat sluts. Plumperd offers high definition downloadables across the entire network. Plus, there’s streaming, mobile friendly access, and all the other things you expect from a well-made modern site. Check it out now!

If you want to get a lot of high grade BBW porn for the price of a single site membership, take a look at Plumperd right here. The site is loaded with three different kinds of special interest BBW smut, and there’s always more coming. Three themes are there right now, and we feel like they will be adding more. Facesitting, BBW threesomes, and the special treat, BBW catfights! You know you wanna see that. See Plumperd now!

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