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Review date: 13-Apr-2015 17:51. How about kicking back, staying in that comfy chair for a while and having your johnson stroked and sucked by some of America’s hottest pornstars? Doesn’t sound like an actual question, right? Well, that’s the beauty of POV, or point of view videos. With a little imagination, you may actually believe it’s your cock which is all over their mouths and tits!

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Intro promises:
POV, or point of view shooting is nothing new to porn. Sometimes you see this technique used here and there, and some sites are pretty creative with this, like they install a camera on the head of the male performer for example and you do actually feel his perspective. Still we find this entire POV thing is often not that much different from usual shooting in terms of user experience. Just a different angle. Well, POV HDVs here (two abbreviations in a name may sound funny at first but they turn out to be the name of a very cool adult site) made us change our mind – at least a bit. The site aims to combine high definition video footage, gorgeous American pornstars and more or less unified point of shooting to give you the impression you get your boner stroked and sucked by some of the finest women in porn. Check out the site’s glitzy, in a good way, free zone. It’s very nicely built, offers quite a few details about the site, and most importantly, has several video trailers. These trailer fellows are quite essential here, we have to note. If not for them, how else can you understand you’re really getting into this thing? Well, watch them, dude. They come in very good HD quality and they deliver all the goodness of the site, just in a shorter timeframe. But in fact they’re long enough to make us go inside!

POV HDVs looks very good on the tour side, and on the member area side, it’s no less impressive. The guys here have done a great job of reaching a point in design when high quality and classy graphic work never interfere with user experience and never get in your way. Simple, nice, efficient – very good. The site has a bunch of exclusive episodes which are available for online streaming or unlimited downloads. Mobile-friendly versions can be grabbed as well, and these are meant to preserve the original quality while never overloading your mobile connection or the hardware of your gadget. The videos run for around 10 minutes and you might say it’s not very long. But wait till you see it in all its glory. It’s not like you would last much longer with your shaft in the mouths and hands of these gorgeous babes! The POV thing is working great here. There’s little camera movement and you can concentrate on lying back in a chair, a lovely pornstar kneeling in front of you, getting busy playing with your trouser snake. It really got to us, we have to say. In fact, with the great quality and clever filming techniques, it’s probably the best POV we have ever seen! Together with the site’s bonus HD video channels covering the most popular niches, the content collection just rocks. You simply have to check it out!

For those of us who would like to have their dicks sucked by sultry, young, generous American pornstars (and who wouldn’t), POV HDVs offers lots of very special entertainment. The video quality is great, you see every smallest detail and it’s as real as a porn flick can be. The clever POV filming and the lovely pornstar girls really work together to create one of the finest POV effects we have ever experienced with an adult site. Give it a try and when you’ll really have a pornstar on her knees in front of your boner, you’ll remember where you know the feeling from!

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